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Vastus Medialis Exercises...


What are the best exercises to develop the vastus medialis (tear drop muscle) ??


I would go with 1 and 1/4 squats with your heels elevated.


Backward sled dragging. Nothing even comes close to it.



The TKE (terminal knee extension) that Dave Tate just wrote about, also a common re-hab movement for physical therapists.



Some of these should help as well:


Good luck!

Stay strong


I agree. When I am bad, I make myself do them for time. Talk about lactic acid build up. Ouch!

Deep paused front squats, and 1 an 1/2 squat/ front squats work too.


What's the significance of foot placement during squats? I've been doing full back and front squats in flat shoes with a slightly wider stance than average. It seems the most comfortable to me, but I seem to be getting the best hypertrophy in the upper 2/3 of my thighs. I'm wondering how I can bring up the lower 1/3 up to par.


Great tips guys, thanks a lot.