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Vastus Lateralis

I have big strong legs, but I see my VL is not as developed as the rest of the quads, any tips on giving it some special treatment :wink:


Branding Iron article by Chad Waterbury

thanks, but the article was talking about the vastus medialis, I have a MF big tear drop, full of veins and all but the outside of my leg, its not small, but it looks disproportionate to the rest of the cuad

Sorry about leading you to the wrong muscle emphasis.

Try hack squats with your feet together.

Try partial leg presses. Place your feet close together on the lower side of the foot platform. For me it seems to hit the vastus lateralis muscle. I would leave the locks in place since I doubled the amount of weight I normally would use for a full range of motion.

Try them both and see if you can tell if they are hitting the right spot.

will do, tommorow