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Vassar's Training Log


21 Years Old
Competitive Natural Bber
2010 Mr Ball State Comp

Body Comp Stats
6'1 218lbs, 11.5% bf chest-46in, waist-32in, thighs-26, calves 17.5, arms 17.5

Weak Points-Glutes,Hams, Rear Delts

Goals- Clean Bulk to 225. Place top 5 in any shows done next contest season

Thanks for following! Any and all advice is much appreciated!


Monday 11/1 Back/Chest

A1. OAR 5x8-10 Working up to 100lb db. (done with wrist supinating during concentric)
A2. Incline db press 5x6-8 Working up to 100lb db's

B1. Hammer Strength Row 3x8-10 working to 125/side
B2. incline hammer strength press 3x8-10 working to 115/side

C1. pec deck flye 3x12-15 210lb
c2. face pull w/ext. rotation 3x12-15 60lbs

d1. Straight Arm Pull Downs 1x30 70lbs

Tuesday 11/2 Legs A.m Quads P.M Hams
A.M Session

A1. Front Squat 5x3-5 working to 235
B1. Leg Press(narrow feet toes out) working to 540 4x8-10
C1. Walking Lunge 120lb 3x20 steps
d1. leg Ext. 1x25

P.M Session
A1. RDL 5x4-6 working to 315
b1. Reverse Hack Squat 3x6-8 working to 230
C1. poor mans GHR 3x8-10(still getting a feel for these)
D1. Seated Leg Curl 1x25


Thursday Nov.4- Planned off day, did some intervals in the stair mill before I left work,killer considering my are fried from yesterdays leg day.

As I log my workouts I will also write about myself, how i'm feeling ect. So here's the background on myself.

Im 21 years old, from Highland,IN(suburbs of Chicago). I played sports throughout my youth(football,baseball,hockey,basketball). As I entered High School I lost my passion for the playing fields. I joined a band(been playing guitar for 10 years of so), as a result I gained a whole bunch of weight. Probably got up to 240 of just fat. Around jr. year I decided enough was enough and I started to hit the weight room with one of my friends who has just gotten a scholarship to play d1 football. 6 months later I had lost 40 lbs and people started to take notice on my increasingly muscular frame. I continued training hard the rest of high school, eventually hitting 330 on the bench press and a 405 deadlift. At the end of my senior year I was in a motorcycle wreck that postponed my bodybuilding goals for a short time while I rehabbed.

That fall I left for Ball State University, to double major in Exercise Science and Criminal Justice. Upon arriving i was soon told about an annual bodybuilding comp held at the school...Mr/Ms Ball State. I now had a new goal. My focus in the gym for the next 2 years was at an all time high. Long story short, I bulked to 212 at 10.5%bf, 4 months later I was 181 the day of the show. I placed fourth out of 16. I held my own with size, but no doubt my conditioning could have been better.

Now that I've had a summer to lift hard but also enjoy myself, its time to get focused again. No missed workouts, no missed meals. Constant and gradual improvement. January 15th I will begin dieting for the upcoming contest season.

Take care all


11/6 Shoulders/Traps/Arms

A1. Seated Db Shoulder Press 5x6-10 Working up to 90's in each hand

B1. Behinde the Back Cable Side Laterals 4x10-12 working up to 35lbs

C1. Lean Away Db Side Laterals 3x12-15 20lbs
C2. Face Pulls 3x12-15 70lbs

D1. BB Shrugs3x8-10 working to 315
D2. Smith Behinde Back Shrugs3x10-12 225

E1. Preacher Curl2x6-8 115
E2. Skull Crusher2x6-8 115
E3. Incline db curls2x8-10 70lbs
E4. Incline Db Skull Crusher 2x8-10 70lbs

Felt pretty decent this morning. The tendonitis in my right elbow is starting to ease up gradually. I've been focusing on longer warm ups as well as dosing ibuprofen.

As far as the arm circuit at the end of the workout, it was something i just threw in. I don't regularly train arm's but felt like I had a decent amount of energy left so I went for it.


11/8 Back

A1. Medicine Ball Slams 5x3

B1 Oar 5x4-6 working to 100

C1. Rack Pull 4x6-8 Last set 405

D1. Decline Cable Pullover 3x10-15(first time doing this, loved it, great lat stretch.

E1. Max Rep Circuit MB Slam, Lat Pull Down, Straight Arm Pull Down

Did an ab circuit at the end of the workout as well

A1. Swiss Ball Rope Crunches
A2. Standing Cable Crunch
A3. Weighted Back Ext.

Felt great today, I've been experimenting with my pre workout nutrition a bit. It's normally a little hard for me because I work out in between clients, here's what I did today.

2 hrs before workout 6 egg whites, 2 whole eggs, 1.5 cups oatmeal with cinnamon.

30 Min prior shake containing 36g Whey,1tbsp natural honey, and 40g dextrose, 5g creatine mono

10 Min prior 200mg Caffeine.

I'm going to roll with this approach for the week and see if I get the same results


Tuesday 11/9 Chest/Triceps

A1. Incline db Press 5x6-10 working to 95's

B1. Incline HS Press 3x8-10 230lbs

C1. Flye Cicuit -high crossover, cable flye, low cable crossover

D1. Incline Db Skull Crushers 80lbs 3x8-10

E1. V handle Tricep Pushdown stacck 3x8-10

Right bothered me quite a bit today, elbow felt good though. Can't seem to ever have a pressing day where something isn't incredible uncomfortable.