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Since my wife wants me to get this done, I would like to know if it has any effect on weightgaining or any other effects that a guy should be concerned about.
Any experience that you feel free to share, is apreciated. Thanks

Had it done in January 2002. No problems at all. Make sure you get the “no scalpel” version. Orgasms are a little different–not better or worse, just different. Can’t quite put my finger on it.

There are quite a few threads on this. Do a search. Nutshell (so to speak): no effect on anything but your sex life (it gets better). Mine was long enough ago that it was one of the old school ones with all the cutting. I hear they are better and easier now. The worst part was the sight of the needle they stuck in there to numb everything. I’ll never get that out of my head. Spent the next day on the couch with an icebag. I’m a sweller, so I wore more supportive underwear for a few days. All in all, no biggie. After a few weeks, once they certify that you don’t have any more swimmers, you’re free to hit it whenever you want.

How old are you? Do you have kids?

I had mine done in April. It hurt me for a few days like I’d been kicked in the balls. It’s all back to normal now. I’m getting tested for swimmers later this week.

Z, that’s information I would rather not know about you. After personally witnessing your ass to calves squats this past Tuesday, I’m curious to know if there’s some sort of physiological advantage? If so, count me in.

I’m 36 and have 6 kids or almost 6. Number 6 is due next week, and I think (or my wife thinks) it is time to quit.
So i guess I’m in for it.
Thanks for the tips, and i will search the forum and read what others postet.

All the best from the North-West. :slight_smile:

Oh my god, six? I’d ask if they can do it retroactively.

Nice one JimMcD. So you’re for abortion?


The horror stories my buddies told me before mine last month scared the hell out of me.

Everything from, “Now they have the guys put their feet in stirrups” to “My brother’s doctor gave him his numbing shot and he started to cut, my brother screamed, then the doctor realized my brother had only been administered saline solution - no anesthetic!!”.

It was all bullshit.

Not only did I get an IV with some pretty kick-ass whatever-it-was, but they also supplied me with a generous amount of nitrous oxide.

Afterwards, lay down, ice it (them) for a whole day, and you’ll be fine. No decrease in T, no gained weight.

In fact, go to someplace like vasectomy.com (no shit) and they answer all your questions there.

Good luck.

(Hope they don’t accidentally use that saline solution!)


CGB, I couldn’t squat for 6 weeks after… it hurt way more than the doctor said it should. I guess I could have taken the painkillers…

I work for 2 Surgeons and we do vasectomies here in our office. We do the no-scalpel variety as well. Much better than the way they USE to do them or in some cases, still do them. We like to tell the Wifes/girlfriends that you guys will need tender loving care afterwards. Sitting with a bag of peas on your privates is perfect. We suggest no strenuous activity for the first couple of days as it is going to swell a little. Just make sure this is really what you and your Wife want. It’s easy and inexpensive to get it done, but if you want to reverse it…GOOD LUCK! Very expensive and not pleasant. Hope this helps.