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I know this is a weird one but my husband and I have been talking about his getting a vasectomy (not a popular idea with either of us) since we don’t want any children. I am frightened by it because I don’t want it interfering with his health and ‘performance’ and definately his t-levels. The research I’ve done says none of these are affected but they have all been medical sites (and I asume they are biased) so I wanted to post it here and get any other insights…I mean, christ, those poor little guys have a mission and it can’t be good when they have no where to go. Currently I use birth-control but am bothered by the long-term health effects. Any suggestions, comments, anecdotal evidence?

I have a friend who got a vasectomy done just a little over a year ago, so I called him. He has a family with 2 kids and drew the line. He has had no trouble as far as his love life with his wife goes, and says he doesn’t feel any different now then he did before. He said the first week after sucked because of the swelling and discomfort but that everything was pretty much back to normal after that. Kudos to your husband to be man enough for that, as it is a far bigger operation for a woman.
Hope that helps, Scott

Theres been several questions about this on the roid board. From all the answers ( i believe) that the operation would not have adverse affects. If you would like a more scientific explanation go to the roid board and direct this question to Bill Roberts or Rainbow. Good Luck!

You two got married?

I will tell you this. I do have a vasectomy. I got it because I did not want my wife taking the pill her whole life and I did not want her getting her tubes tied due to the fact that there are more side effects for a woman than a man. It is a really simple procedure and it does work to say the least. You need to go every year and get tested to be sure that he is sterile because it has been known to reconnect at times. Other things you should know are that you can get cists at the point where the tubes are cut and you can experience discomfort like blue balls for a period after the vas. until your body gets used to it. Everybody is different. As for performance. If you husband has no problems obtainining and erection now then after the surgery there should be no problems. Everything still works and looks the same but the sperm is not fertilized is all. I have had my vas for over three years. I have four kids. My love life is pretty much every night so it has absolutly no effect on obtaining an erection or performance. Hope this helps.

Make sure he gets the “no scalpel” procedure.

Whatchyamean your husband??? Did you and Demo get hitched up all legal like? Are you two holding out on us? Speak up woman! :slight_smile:

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I’ve been a sports model for 17 years, no problems yet. There is a real comfortable feeling to know that you are shooting blanks, you can target practice all day without worrying about poking holes in the target.

I had one done. I hated the procedure just because you are laying there watching everthing being cut and sewn. I couldn’t beleive how simple it was though. Every man should be doing this procedure instead of his wife having her tubes tied. I had a vessel that would not seal so my bag was swollen with blood the size of a grapefruit. That caused a little pain but my neighbor who had his done had no complications. Most men go right to work after it is done.