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I did see in the forum someone had mentioned having a vasectomy and would it effect his supplementation. I would like some more information on this if you don’t mind. I am thinking of having the No-Scalpel vasectomy (less time and pain) and interested in using your Mag 10, will this change anything once th e operation is done? Not to keen in this area. Thanks, found this website while surfing the net, definately a bookmark on my PC.

Make DAMN sure your doc really intends to do the no scalpel version. After that, you’re as good as new. Nothing changes except for your sperm count.

There is no effect on anything you mention. Vasectomy does NOT affect T levels.

Vman, is that personal knowledge/experience or is that something you read ect.Would like to know if there was something concrete to read. Considering the “V” myself.

Before you go through with it check out an article at www.goldcrossmedical.com/ androscreen/vesectomy.htm. I think that you will find it very informative. Good Luck

There are a number of possible side effects. In fact one of which is you may have pain there for the rest of your life. I am not familiar with the no-scalpel apporach however the old snip and burn has had drastic side effects in some men. I know one person who got an infection they swelled up like grapefruit. Then I had another friend of mine who had it done who has had pain there ever since. Went to a pain clinic and everything the only thing that fixed it was reconnecting the tube (much more expensive). I had another friend who had it done who now never feels sexually satisfied. Read everything you can get your hands on. Know your risks. I was ignorant of my risks and some of them happened of course I had it done at 22 years old too. Good luck though.