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Vasectomy and T-levels

Fellow T-men, I was wondering if anyone has any idea if a vasectomy could have any effect on T-levels? Seems like your balls would be more or less cut off (no pun intended) from the rest of your body. Sorry for the topic, but your input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

My understanding is that the vas deferens, the tubes that transport sperm cells, are snipped, leaving testicular function intact. You would have normal semen production, but it would lack the li’l swimmers. Also, the testosterone level should be unaffected. Otherwise, I don’t think any sane guy would go through with the procedure.

Vasectomies affecting T-levels are total BS. The two are not related. Your testicles still produce testosterone and sperm and the seminal vesicle still produces semen. Its just that with the cutting of the vas deferens the sperm isn’t included in the semen. I had one about 9 years ago which was about a year before I started training. Since then, I’m carrying roughly 60 lbs of muscle more than I was then. Sex is great, there’s no worry of accidental pregnancy, and if your wife/girlfriend is getting off the pill, it will increase her libido as well. Its not the most comfortable feeling during the surgery and especially afterward but you get over it.

The only things cut are the two Vas, so sperm can no longer be mixed with the ejaculate. The LH/Testosterone negative feedback loop should continue to function as before.

They just cut the tubes that carry ejaculate man.

That’s what I thought, thanks guys.