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Vascularity Help Too much


I have too much veins and am tired of them. I know its from a low body fat. Besides the obvious of eating more anyone have any other ways of getting rid of some veins. They're in my forearms.


You see....all humans have those veins. That is actually desired in many cases in bodybuilding.

Many people can still see those veins even at higher body fat percentages.

In other words, even attempting to reduce how your veins show could be a futile attempt.

My guess is...high school?

Someone make fun of you?


Damn it...I forgot who I was talking to.

You may just be the most obsessive teenager we've seen in a while. I hope you put as much effort into school as you put into making those girls you hang with happy.

I've told you this before...but they turn into "women" eventually.


lol wat? haha no i dont get made funof and no im not obseesive wat r u talkingabout?


Get fat, problem solved.


Then why try to change what is a part of who you are and how you are put together?

Your options are try to get fatter and see if that helps, stop lifting to see if that helps, or try being born to different parents.

You are a very thin kid. Of course you can see your veins. If you would focus a little more on building some muscle instead of the abs as priority, you would probably like what you see.



veins are cool, though only if you have some muscle. Otherwise just being skinny with visible veins isn't that awesome. I love how veiny my forearms look, especially before I had some bad injuries. People actually commented on it and never in a bad way.

I don't know why you would want to make your veins less visible. Only way to really do that that I know of is get fatter. Just put on some more muscle and you will love having visible veins.


I think you should hang out with this guy to gain some perspective:

Geez. Two threads about vascularity within a week. That might be a forum first.




Be happy you have veins. If something were to happen to you and you should need an IV line good visible veins mean they don't have to drill into your shin to give you fluid.

Or stick a needle in your dick: http://www.scancrit.com/2012/05/06/penis/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=penis

Oh and I get Chris's joke now :slightly_smiling:


Stop being so vein.


I figuratively LOL`ed.


No way this is real....


lol or stick a huge needle and catheter in your neck, or groin.

it isn't fun to get stuck unsuccessfully with needles five times in your hands and arms and then have to get one in your neck.

hell I'm happy I can see mine again


What the hell is wrong with veins?I wish i could see mine.I thought it was a 'must' actually.