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Vascularity (Bicep)


I've gained a lot of muscle in the past few months and have vascularity in the upper chest a little, but that's it.

My Dad, skinny 5-7 and 129 lbs with skin and bones has big bicep vascularity. I also see lots of guys a lot smaller than me with bicep vas. I've never had it. Are some prone to not ever developing it? Is there a secret I'm missing?

I'm 5'7 and 165. I've been training for overall 5 years, and heavy last few months. I've moved from 130 to 165 in 16 weeks. My BF went from 15 to 19% (Bulking Phase).

Any insight is appreciated.


Some of us just don't have vascular or cool-looking biceps!

I have nice, high biceps (like high calves). So my arms always look small unless I have them flexed (even then, they're not that big).

Vascularity is usually one of those bodyfat things. The leaner you are, the more vascular you'll be. While others just always seem to have "thin" skin and vascular arms and other bodyparts.


Fairly simple, really. Your bodyfat is just to high to reveal your vascularity. A lot of it is genetics anyhow. But once you have added more mass and it's time to lean out, you'll be better able to judge.


I don't think that is completely true. I have a friend who is 15% bf, and never does cardio but has crazy vascularity, especially across his chest. This would lead me to believe that it is has a large genetic component.


Yes, even in HS at 6-9% I never has it...Dad does, AND Dad also has a full head of hair still....the fucker. Genetics suck!!


This has very little to do with the current topic, but this is really bothering me. Is bicept actually a word, or is it bicep?


My fault....I see they fixed it for me....full service, awesome. And I edited my writings too.


Actually, it's supposed to be 'biceps' not 'bicep.'

Same with 'triceps.' Even when referring to one, it still has the 's' on the end.

Time to edit your post...again! :wink:


I'll keep that in mind for future. (Walks away with tail between legs)


I used to wonder the same thing. I worked out fiendishly for years as a teenager and got almost no vascularity, even though I was thin.

I wonder if you only get vascularity because your body is forced to give it to you, because you strain your body over a long enough period of time. When I finally got some vascularity, it was in my forearms, biceps, and shoulders, which were exactly the parts I worked most fanatically. I did mostly pure endurance and strength/endurance, training in martial arts, and training to failure, and even to a pitiful drooling quivering lump, was pretty much standard. Like, keep on trying even though you failed. Strain and strain, and if it takes 30 seconds to crank out your next rep, fine.

Just a notion, but maybe putting your muscles under conditions where they are deprived of oxygen for extended periods of time like that forces more vascularity so that your muscles can get the oxygen they need -- since you're apparently not giving up anyway.


Slightly off topic, but posing benefits the visual appearance of the respective muscle or muscle group. Check out CT's D-Tap.