Varying Rest Times Between Sets

It seems as though rest times are rarely discussed when considering training variables. Does anyone vary them from time to time in your programming? I’ve read that short rest periods are preferable for bodybuilding and long rest periods are preferable for strength training.

I’ve varied mine slightly occasionally, for example, 2 min on compound movements and 1.5 min on isolation movements for a few weeks then dropping it to 1.5 and 1 min respectively. I time my rest periods to keep consistency in that training variable.

Curious to see if anyone has had varying results depending on rest periods. Seems to be an important variable, but maybe it’s not and I’m over thinking it. Pre-thanks for your consideration.

People have had success with the program Big Beyond Belief which uses variable rest times. It’s a great method of increasing intensity when you are having trouble increasing the weight.

I use I timer myself via the Jefit app. I really like having this as a variable I can control, though I cant say it been beneficial so far.

but yeah, I need a timer anyway because frankly I’d use my rest period to oggle at the beautiful ladies at my gym instead of getting back to business.

Is it ok to rest less on light days, or am is it all part of the recovery?