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Varying Rest Between Sets in Circuit?


Hi guys, lets say I'm doing a program based on convict conditioning with the current exercises

  1. Handstand pushup

  2. One hand push up

  3. Pullups

  4. Pistols

  5. Hanging Leg raise

with about 4-5 sets of 5-12 reps, is there any difference between

  1. Doing one set of handstand pushup, resting 60-90 secs, do a 2nd set, rest 60-90 sec, so on and so forth, finishing all 5 sets before moving on to the next exercise,

  2. Do a full circuit of all exercises, assuming it takes about 3-4 mins, then rest a minute before starting next circuit, which means a rest period of about 4-5 mins between each set of exercise

  3. Spreading out sets throughout the day, with at least 2 hours rest between each set

I'm currently training 3x a week using 2, but I'm curious as to whether the other 2 methods will yield better results in strength or size



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