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Varying Protein Sources


My question is basically does the body prefer to have protein from a range of different sources or is it content with 2 or 3?

I'm contemplating going on a 7 meal per day diet whereby i eat very repetitive meals, for example:

meal 1: smoothie with whey protein, oatmeal, banana, ice

meal 2: 5 egg whites + 1 whole egg, serving of veggies

meal 3: 500ml milk, handful of nuts

meal 4: 5 egg whites + 1 whole egg, serving of veggies

meal 5: 500ml milk, handful of nuts

meal 6: 5 egg whites + 1 whole egg, serving of veggies

meal 7: 500ml milk, handful of nuts

As you can see meals 2,4,6 are the same and meals 3,5,7 are the same. Is this a feasable diet? Unforunately I don't have a lot of money to afford a lot of meats so my protein would be coming from 4 sources:
-whey protein

I would appreciate views on this and don't mind people giving criticism provided they give the REASONS why and not just flaming.


I'm reminded of a short video John Berardi made talking about the benefits of mixing up your protein sources, with the conclusion that over time (a week? a month? a year? not sure) your body loses its effectiveness in assimilating protein from the same source.

This might impart some insights:


id worry about developing a food allergy before worrying about whether your body can break down the protein into AA's. But I use the word 'worry' loosely.

If that's what you can afford, do you really have a choice?


Can't argue BONEZ's point.

Another method to ensure assimilation is to cycle protein amount where one day you eat less and the next day you eat more. This can be done with all food, or just protein sources.

I hope you are not tossing the yolks if you are short on flow.

Plain ground beef is quite cheap usually (might not be where you are) and can be rinsed under water to remove fat without losing micronutrients. Chicken legs are also a good source, you can toss the skin after cooking if fat content is an issue, the meat itself will only have about 5g more than chicken breast if well cooked.


I've been to the supermarket, spent like an hour there looking at protein alternatives for poor bastards like me so i've come up with a sandwich idea. I also realized that the egg and veggie meals have basically no calories and i'm 6'2 215LBS (not saying im big just saying i need more calories than this to Grow!)

i should hopefully be able to afford one chicken meal per day. I'll be working out in the mornings after meal 1 so i guess i should replace meal 2 with the chicken. a further point is that eating the same thing every day tends to help me manage my diet. if i try to vary it too much i tend to derail, and i cant afford to...

Cheap sandwich: brown bread, eggs, peanut butter and cheap ham. might taste awful but who cares, i'm willing to endure it. we will see.

New diet proposal:

7AM meal 1- smoothie with whey protein, coffee granules, 2 bananas, ice (pre workout)

9:30AM meal 2- protein shake (post workout)

10AM meal 3- chicken, potatoes, veggies, gravy

12:30PM meal 4- 500ml milk, handful of nuts

3PM meal 5- Eggs PB+Ham Sandwich, veggies

5:30PM meal 6- 500ml milk, handful of nuts

7PM meal 7- Eggs PB+Ham Sandwich, veggies

9:30PM meal 8- 500ml milk, handful of nuts

Much more varied than before i hope. opinions?

bonez would you expect the allergies to come from the milk? or maybe the nuts?


food allergies. what in the fuck.

every day I log on i feel like someone mentions something that basically lets me know im fucked.

haha i've been eating huge amounts of chicken and eggs every single day for years now.


You dont seem to hve any problems
What are you worried about?

Doesnt take YEARS to manifest. Takes weeks, for most people.


I dont EXPECT anything to happen.

Im just saying that food allergies occur sometimes.

I said I used the word 'worry' loosely. I meant that.

regarding nuts, youd likely know if you were allergic to peanuts (which aren't 'nuts' per se) or tree nuts. That allergy is commonly tested for during youth.


lol guess i'm just paranoid when it comes to this hobby i know nothing of food allergies.


Irish, I dunno if you like them, but sardines are a great source of cheap protein, if you look around you should be able to find them for a $1 a can,they are full of omega 3's as well. Another option are chicken livers,cost usually around a dollar a pound.


thanks for the suggestion man. I live in ireland so i think they are a little more expensive here, but i will look into it. I'm still toying around with my diet so i'll post up any changes for you to critique