Varying Dosage In Twice Weekly Protocol?

Is their any benefit to varying dosage to more closely mimic natural production ie 75 mg then 65 mg if doing 2x weekly injection?
Also how fast can hematocrit rise? If blood test 2 months ago was 48? How often should it be tested? Those who’ve had high hematocrit what were your symptoms?

If you keep changing the dosages, your levels will never become stable. When a person changes something about their protocol, you’ll often hear them complain of returning to a pre-TRT state for a couple of weeks.

Naturally you’re never stable. What makes you think stability is a desired outcome?

TRT is quite different from natural production, you have shut off the natural feedback loop. My T is spiking several times a day, not so with TRT, TRT produces an unnatural hormone profile that it tied closely to your dosage and frequency of injections.

So show me where it’s beneficial for testosterone to remain at a constant state.

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Maybe just try it and see how you like it then?

I actually agree with this a lot , I do get the 4-6 weeks to stabilize but ya can’t tell me that if I inject 90 mgs twice a week for 4 weeks then on week 5 inject 90 and 100 that I’m going to restart the whole process ?! I don’t buy that

Interesting concept. There are some TRT doctors who recommend what you are suggesting. The thought is it helps avoid desensitizing receptor sites. I’ve experimented with this from time to time, varying my usual 200mg once a week injection with 170-180mg and 220-230mg. I did not notice any difference that was obvious.

However, as you can see from reading comments on this site, some seem to be very sensitive to any hormonal fluctuation. Opinions vary on this as well. Perhaps if you walk around all day thinking about how you are feeling, your focus on that is going to lead you to conclude something is wrong if you feel tired on a given day or maybe not all that interested in sex on a particular day.

Regardless, we are all unique and response to hormonal levels will be unique as well. Personally, I don’t see daily injections being necessary, but some swear by them and as long as they are happy with that protocol, what does it hurt?

I see nothing wrong with what you are considering. Try it and see how you feel. If you do, report back.

I know you’re a proponent of once weekly, if I was to switch to it from 2x weekly what do you feel the best route would be? Skip one injection and then start with full dosage?

I would not skip the dose, just move right to whatever the once weekly dose would be. But, I’m not sure it would matter all that much either way. Once, as an experiment (I wanted to feel what the “crash” I hear so much about feel like), I went three weeks between injections. About the middle to the end of the second week, maybe day 11-12, I could tell I didn’t feel as good as usual, but still OK. By the end of the third week, experiment over, cannot say I felt terrible, but I didn’t like it.

How’d you feel? Just curious as I may quit for awhile as well and most likely won’t pct

It was only three weeks. No “crash” but I could tell I was not taking testosterone.