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Varya - Worlds Strongest Girl


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The weight for those snatches, c&js, for a 14 yr old girl are quite unreal. Of course she is quite mature for her age, not that it should downplay anything; just that hopefully she continues to mature and hasn't stopped growing.

Glad to see she is sticking it out, but I hope her father doesn't ruin it for her. They never touched on his qualifications, especially as an olympic lifting coach.

Kind of bs though about not willing to provide a blood sample. Is there something fishy about? or does he just not want to admit it's not some supergene and instead just good genetics with good training, or...is it truly the religious beliefs(doubtful)?

Glad to see this wasn't some cockamamy hocus pocus like that idiot strongest man in egypt


Interesting, though the Dad is scary.


Part 1, at 5:44, of her at what, 5 years old, squatting two big plates...


Yes, Dad is rather creepy/unbalanced. Interesting how he married his wife for what she would add to his genetic line. I recall a line from G. Gordon Liddy's autobiograpy: "When I learned that she did [some theoretical math thing I can't remember] like most people do crossword puzzles for fun, I knew I wanted her to be the mother of my children."

A different discussion... what is it in a man that causes him to think like this? That is, very thoughtfully and logically selecting a woman who is most likely to perpetuate the traits that are strongest in himself.

*Edit: To be clear, that's just a gut response. I would much rather see kids raised like this than your standard tv-and-fast-food teenager. Parents are never perfect. I certainly don't think she's as abused as some of the commentary implies.

Every kid suffers from parental imperfections, that is, we all have parents who are screwed up in one way or another. Some are worse than others, obviously.


He needs the baby taken from him. Fucking swinging him around with ankle weights? And Michael Jackson gets attacked for holding his over a fucking balcony?


The translation is kind of bad.

I think the narrator is the same as the one from Top Gear.


There are bound to be a lot of people looking to take advantage of her (as that Igor guy seemed to be).

For what little you could see from that documentary.. she seemed like a relatively well balanced person with a lot better future ahead of her than most people coming from that region.

Her father is certainly overprotective and is strongly living through his children (understatement of the..?), but I don't see that being all bad and this girl seems to have a mind of her own as well.

Hope she can succeed and be her own person in the end.

I often wonder where I would be today have I had such discipline while growing up or had anyone been willing to take a little time to show me something worth doing.


She's strong as shit for a girl, let alone anybody her age.

However, its amazing what you can do when you start them off young.

I worked at a youth sports camp one year as a fitness coach. I had a group of 9 year olds that I decided to experiment with.

Within a week, they were deadlifting more than their body weight. One 10 year old deaded 120 lbs.

I had an 11 year old increase his power clean from 20 lbs to 50 lbs in two weeks.

I got fired for that.

However, it just goes to show how pliable the young nervous system really is.


The father is looks like a Ukranian Tony Little.


lol, good call


"I think it's stupid. I don't trust medicine" LOL


At 3:09 into part one, is that 150 kg's!?

Wish I started at 3 years old...


Yeah, it wasn't that accurate of a translation.

But, I can understand how he doesn't want to harm his daughters, but I don't think he should start that early with his second daughter. That is too much.

But where are all the documentaries about the gymnasts? They start extremely early and go through harsh training as well. I just hate how one sided this all is.


her dad needs a toothbrush imo.


Yep, reminds me of a cross between Hitler and a Russian tranny.


She looks kinda hot. And she'll give me strong kids. Hmmm...


I kinda wanted to smack the dad for coming to the national competition when she didn't want the pressure of him being there.


I remember reading about her almost a decade ago, carrying her father on her back, and thinking "Yeah, right. Bullshit".

Probably a combination of endless training since 3, and great genetics (the whole circus thing). Interesting how all those weights didn't make her look like a man.

Definitely recognize the dad's psychotic coaching style, based heavily in yelling and emotional destruction. Seems to be a very common post-Soviet approach, in all sports.


Sure, the dad is a little crazy, but I disagree with all the losers bawwing in the youube comments. This isn't child abuse IMO. The father is just instilling his values into his kid. It's better than not giving a kid any direction or letting them play video games all day etc...


Instilling HIS values into the kid. Whatever happened to letting people make their own choices about what's important in their life?

It seems as though the father is trying to live what he wants through his kids.