I wrote on here a while back about hip/back pain. I went to an ortho, and was told that my lower two discs(can’t remember the numbers of the vertebrae) were bulging to my left side and sitting on a nerve. Any stretching, jumping, heavy lifting is causing it to get pretty pissed. I guess I was just wondering if anyone out there has a similar problem. The doc said it’s not a rare problem at all, but it’s not good for it to be so bad at an early age. It’s not unbearable, but it certainly hinders a lot of movements. I can tell I overcompensate for it on squats and straight-leg deads by turning my body or leaning a little. I know this is getting long, just looking for some response. It’s pretty disheartening to be handed a pamphlet titled “Living with your back pain” when you go to see the doctor and you’re only 25. Luckily, I didn’t hear the “quit lifting” speech. I was only told to maybe back off a little for a while. Ok, if anyone has any ideas/advice/experience with this, please let me know something that you did to help out…the whole “it sucks, deal with it” idea is how I’m feeling about it right now.

Check out a rehab technique called VAX-D (vertibrae axial decompression… you can search the web). The procedure is a non-invasive technique to “decompress” or remove the pressure on the spinal discs by applying a traction force on teh spine. The amount of traction varies from treatment to treatment and is based on an individuals requirements. People suffering from “heniated discs/bulging discs/prolapsed discs (different names for basically the same problem)” have great success with this program. I too had back problems and through this method of therapy my back has recovered. I continue looking after my back using inversion therapy (you know hanging upside down by your feet to help reduce inter-disc pressure) 3 or 4 times a week. Don’t give up and for god sakes, don’t let your doctors just treat the symptoms, get them to treat the cause !!

Funny you say that about having the doctor fix the cause, and not the symptoms. So far(althought I do have an MRI scheduled and a follow up appointment) he’s treated the problem with Skalaxin(muscle relaxer) and Vicodin. Not to say that these don’t help the pain greatly, but it just gives me more of a feeling that I’m not gonna get “cured”, just temporarily fixed.

Oh well, I requested that he refer me to a PT, so we’ll see. Thanks for you input, Rob.

SCBA: Try to find a mckenzie certified PT. They will be your best bet with a herniated disc condition. Traction techniques often help your problem but they are certainly not a cure. Good luck!

Hi SCBA. My thought is to get a second opinion, preferably from someone in your area who is a recognized expert in the field. PT might be the way to go, but very good chiropractic might be something to consider as well. There are a couple of surgical treatments for herniated disks, if that’s really the problem. But drug therapy is really not going to answer your long term issues.

Thanks a lot for the input guys. Mark, I found the McKenzie certified PT, and have some good references for him since he worked on my Dad plus taught my sister and brother-in-law in PT school. Now all I need is for the damn doctor to refer me to him without me having to pay for most of my MRI…

Anyway, thanks again, guys.