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Various Nat BB Organizations


I know we have a bunch of seasoned competitors on here, so I was hoping someone might be able to lay out some info for me.

Since starting following Natural BBing a couple of years ago, I've realized that there are many different federations/groups/whatever. They all seem to have different guidelines as far as what is 'acceptable' or not. Without even realizing it, I guess I've mostly been folowing the WNBF/INBF, as they apparently have the most contests/money etc.

Those of you that have read any of my posts the last few months know that I've been toying with the idea of doing a show in '09, and have slowly brought my weight down from about 205/210 to my current 188 lbs. What I never thought to look into though, was just how strict the WNBF guidelines are.

Apparently, using HOT-ROX essentially disqualifies me from competing in the WNBF/INBF. Now, before I get advice on beating a lie detector test ("Dude, Just totally believe you never took 'em!" -lol), I was hoping I could get some info on other organizations. I actually wrote an email to another group after finding a site online, and their official stance is "we don't ban anything OTC", which is cool, but the shows are few, far between, and not exactly in my area for the most part.




Oh c'mon! -lol, I know a buncha you folk have competed.



No, but I do know a good way that otherwise you probably wouldn't hear about to beat a lie detector test! :slight_smile:


sorry man, but my competitions have all been NPC and non-tested, and I really don't know much about the natty organizations.

I'd look closer at the WNBF/INBF rules. I know some of them aren't asking if you EVER took it, but they do ask questions like have you used HOT-ROX or anabolic steroids in the last 6 months or whatever. Not have you ever juiced...know what I mean?

So you might be fine and totally rule abiding.

sorry dood thats all I got. lol



THe WNBF web site has a HUGE list of substances that you can't have taken within the last 7 years (I printed it out, and highlighted everything I've taken that apparently would disqualify me -lol).

Now, the typical Anabolics are not an issue for me, (don't use em)... but a few of the Fat Burners (HOT-ROX!), and even a few other perfectly legal substances (6OXO) certainly fall within the list of things I've tried within the past couple of years. I just have a horrible vision of dieting my ass off, having a bunch of friends come watch, and then f-cking up a damn lie detector test.



I've heard the lie detector tests are easy to fool. If you can lie to people's faces while remaining calm and composed... you can fool a lie detector... or so I've heard. I think I could do it for sure. I used to be a compulsive liar! lol


Just remember: it's not a lie if YOU believe it....


They don't test everyone at the natty shows. just those who "look" unnatural or a random sampling.

If you stand out amongst your competitors, they WILL pick you to be tested, or even reject you outright, lol. Keep a low profile and you will squeeze out.


The impression I've gotten, is that everyone gets the polygraph, but only the class winners get the urinalysis. I wouldn't mind the urinalysis, as I have no illegal anabolics in my system, but I'm a terrible liar, and if I were to do an INBF show and they presented me with the very long list they have,... well, I'd have to admit using several of the 'banned' substances.

As far as looking unnatural,.. well, to most of the younger crowd in my gym, they assume I must be on gear because I have decent size and cuts (and with my current cutting diet, I'm looking tighter, and bigger each week lately). Also, I'm 35, have been training for 15 years, and expect to compete in the Novice category (which will most likely comprise a younger group of competitors....?)... Is that standing out? -lol



You are correct poly for all and uranalysis for the amateaur class winners. I've linked the INBF banned substance list - there are cut off dates on some substances its not 7 years for everything. You will have to scroll down for the list.



Fuck Natural shows Stu.

Get on a cycle and get 'em!


Stu, a couple of things.

First, the following statement from INBF site to me means that only if you took HOT-ROX after January 1, 2007, you are not eligible to compete with them:

"FAT-BURNING DERIVATIVES such as 3,17-dihydroxy-delta-5-etiocholane-7-one (A7-D), and 3,17-dihydroxy-delta-5-etiocholane-7-one diethylcarbonate (A7-E) are banned effective January 1, 2007. (Includes HOT-ROX, Fahrenheit, etc.)"

Second, I highly recommend checking out the OCB. I have done a few of their shows, the judging is transparent and fair, comraderie backstage is great. There's a great show in April in Massachusetts--OCB Spirit of America, get more info on the OCB events here: www.theocbwebsite.com

Good luck to you, perhaps I'll see you on stage next year!


Novice classes generally have people of all ages. Some young but many probably fall in your age group. At least at the NPC shows.

If you were going NPC I'd say you'd fit right in some of the novice classes. A natty show you may be competitive enough to do the open classes. I think that you can either sign up in both or just do the novice as this is your first show.

my .02

Either way good luck dood and definitely keep us posted.



Dj_eu - Thanks man. I've actually been on the OCB site, and I'm pretty sure that was the one I wrote to who said that anyone over-the-counter is fine.

Also, even if HOT-ROX was acceptable for the INBF pre 2007, I used 'em all through this past summer to give me a small edge with the eating before I actually started dieting (Sooooo difficult to cut back on your portions when you're accustomed to eating over 4K a day -lol)

I know they have 2 shows in NY in '09, one in April, and one in October. In all honesty, I'm gonna wait until Feb to see how I'm doing. I think the only real reason I've been able to keep most of my LBM is because I don't have a deadline, or a target weight. I'm just slowly tightening, and judging by the mirror, not measurements, or the scale.

At least this way when I make a pig out of myself around the holidays, I don't freak out so badly, just go right back to business as usual the next day :slight_smile:

DG- I don't doubt there will be a few 'older' guys such as myself, I guess I'm just realizing that I've been comparing myself to guys like Cordova, Whitacre, Greenwood etc. All natural "PROS". Bottom line is that as long as I feel like I did myself proud, I'll be cool with any respectable placing.

I've gotten so used to looking at the pics in the Nat Mags, that when I recently looked a some natural BBing show vids (amateurs), I was surprised at how no one had any real leg development (especially no Hams and Calves). Of course I know that conditioning is the real key here, but again, the last thing I want to to be absolutely peeled, but end up in the lightweights.

My current avatar pic was snapped yesterday, and I was a hefty 187 lbs, which is the lightest I've been since college -lol. Of course I tell myself that I look much better now,.. quality over quantity.

Short Hoss- Believe me, I have no problem with folks on gear, many of my friends are veritable walking pharmacies. If I didn't work with kids, and have to look 'em in the eye and be a role model and all that other nonsense, I'd be lying if I said I wouldn't at least consider it -lol



that is a sick pic and I have some black/silver wrist wraps just like yours. lol

It is always something to compare yourself to pro's. I do it or compare myself to national competitors and it's my motivation. One thing to remember is you can only control what you look like on stage the day of the show and not everybody else. If you give it your all and come in at your 100% best then you have done your job and if the judges screw you or somebody beats you then tip the hat and go back to the drawing board. The way I see it is...if I step on stage better than I did the previous time then I already won.

'when your through improving...your through' I like that quote.

anyways that got off topic and kinda a hijack lol.

But go get em dood, and I have respect for both natty and not-so-natty competitors...different castles in the same kingdom. :wink: