Various Methods of Using Adex

Hey all, just for discussion:

What are your opinions on using adex (or some other AI) in various ways.

  1. Running through cycle and stopping cold turkey at the beginning of PCT
  2. Running through cycle and tapering down as AAS leaves the system but before the start of PCT (i.e. start tapering after last injection ending with start of Nolva, etc.)
  3. Tapering down throughout all of PCT
  4. Tapering down throughout all of PCT and staying on low dose off cycle (assuming one runs regular cycles throughout the year)
  5. Staying on low dose adex all the time for whatever reason

Also, what is reason behind your method. I mean Johnny Prohormones who runs a 4 weeker once a year may do things differently than someone who runs 6 weekers multiple times with moderate time off, etc.

I know the difference in results with the above may be VERY similar but I’m just trying to make some convo!

I’m currently experimenting with anastrozole. trying to find the right dosage, before I start my cycle. sides have been mild. interesting thing, my muscles look much harder. I plan to run it through my cycle and pct. I just might stay on it well after.

I run my AI throughout my PCT, with the idea that it would speed HPTA axis recovery. Obviously I run it at a much lower dose during PCT than I do while on