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Various Forms of Deadlift

I’m confused…when talking about a deadlift what form excatly are we talking about? wide stance, stiff legged, conventional bent knee, narrow stance, sumo, etc.

So when someone says they do 500lb deadlift, what type of deadlift does that excatly pertain too?

I know this may sound noobish but I’m getting really confused from different sources. Any help in clarifying this would be appreciated.

When someone says they can deadlift 500, you can assume the following:

They started with a barbell sitting on the floor;

They lifted the barbell up until they were standing up straight holding the barbell. This is called the lockout.

You can’t assume anything about what stance they used, or what grip. Some might say they deadlifted 500 when they used some sort of grip aid (eg straps, hooks) which would not be allowed in powerlifting.

For deadlifting a weight off the floor, the main variations are sumo style vs conventional, and variations of grip.

Other types of deadlift are used for various training purposes, eg Romanian deadlifts, where the barbell is not lowered all the way to the floor before lifting it again, and rack pulls, where the barbell is set at a higher position with the aim of improving your lockout on a full deadlift. Another variant is deadlifting standing on a platform, which aims to improve the bottom portion of a standard deadlift.

It depends on the person, so there really isn’t an answer to your question; you’d have to ask the person directly.

Some people perfer sumo style, some prefer traditional style. Whatever method allows you to pull the most weight (with good form, I might add), is the one you should use.

I find that I lift more using sumo style, but that’s just me.

When performing a conventional deadlift, due you lift continous or just 1 rep at a time. Also scrapping the front of the shins is just the price you pay for that lift right?

I know this is still noobish, but this fucking guy in the gym is busting my balls about this stuff.

I believe you can do continous reps deadlifting, but this fucking guy totally thinks he is a weighlifting God and says I should only do one at a time. Also he said I shouldn’t have scraps on my shins, but I just feel like that is the nature of the beast.

Someone please clarify

First, tell this guy to bust his own balls.

Second, deadlift stances are personal preference. For me, I train with a conventional stance (feet close). But in competition, I pull with a semi-sumo stance (feet roughly halfway between sumo and conventional). This seems to give me the most leverage.

I always pull mixed grip, but switch which hand is in/out each week of training.

I think a lot of it is personal style/preference. I don’t scrape my shins at all when I pull conventionally however I know people who scrape the hell out of their shins every time. I also like to completely reset between each rep so that I don’t get any help from the stretch reflex and because my form goes to shit after a few reps if I don’t.

It’s generally better to pull one rep at a time to negate the stretch reflex and whatever bounce the floor might give you. Deadlifts don’t normally have an eccentric period before the concentric, unless you pull them continuously.

Also I’ve found that pulling one rep at a time lets me use better form and fatigues my grip less. On the other hand, deadlifts where you start in a standing position (straight legs, RDL, dimel DL), should be performed continuously.

The definitions of straight leg and stiff leg deadlifts might confuse you, this is how I define each. Stiff legs would be with a slight bend in the knees (~15-45* from vertical), performed from the floor. Straight legs would be with locked knees, usually performed standing on a bench or platform that allows the bar to reach your toes (more or less a weighted toe touch).

These involve a considerable amount of spinal flexion so you should be careful when performing them (not too much weight, controlled tempo). I wouldn’t perform these from the floor because you can’t start with a neutral back, which is dangerous. Also I’d usually only pull triples or singles from the floor, not something you want to do with a straight leg DL.

[quote]five-twelve wrote:
When performing a conventional deadlift, due you lift continous or just 1 rep at a time.

I believe you can do continous reps deadlifting, but this fucking guy totally thinks he is a weighlifting God and says I should only do one at a time. [/quote]

I agree with doing one rep and then resetting again for the next rep and so on. It helps keep better form and is better for overall strength and size gains rather than doing continuous reps with bad form or not going through the full range of motion. It’s easy to use just your back and not your legs when doing continuous reps.

I set the bar down and then stay at the bottom for a second with my grip relaxed, then tighten up and lift it again. Would that be continous or not?

As long as there’s no tension in your arms at the bottom I’d say that’s not continuous. I do exactally what you do if I’m pulling more than 5 reps. Below that I ususally stand back up between reps, reset my feet, and go back at it like it was my first.