Variocelectomy, Low Test

Hey guys, im a 23 y/o male.
Last year i was absolutely fine, lifting non-stop, making impressive gains, but one day i started noticing pain in my scrotum and loss of proper erections. They were simply to soft for penetration.

Fast forward one year, my test dropped all the way down to the 200s, extremely low libido, mood, energy, focus etc. Plus to top that off im infertile (suboptimal levels of sperm movement).
It was proven by doppler examination that i had 2 varicoceles and put under bilateral microsurgical varicocelectomy just 2 weeks ago which i am recovering from right now.

The doc (urologist) recommended i have a nebido testosterone shot during this week to lift my test levels and give me a sort of “boost” to assist my body to start producing testosterone naturally.

I asked him simply “wont this harm my hormones instead and cause me to have even lower testosterone that i have now?”
He said there is no need to worry, that im young and the shot will simply drive my test back up and i will stay on higher levels. Which i simply think its completely insane since most of us lifters understand all exogenous testosterone is EXOGENOUS. He didnt reccomend any after pills or whatever after the shot is completely absorbed over the period of 3 months.

Will this shrink my nuts and atrophy them even after only ONE shot? Should i completely avoid getting a shot and wait 2-3 months and get my levels re-checked after surgery?
Or should i just go ahead and do it? The doc is one of the best in my country if not the best so i kind of trust him. But he is no endocrinologist.