Varicose Veins - How to Train Around Them?

Hey everyone posted this in “PW” forum but didnt get any advice so i figured i might try here.
Wanted a little help from someone who might had to deal with this in thier past.
A new trainee came to the gym i work in a few days ago and asked for advice about what kind of exercises she can do for her lower body that wont effect her situation.
She can do upper body work and she wants to. she can and does regular cardio (steady state no HIIT) and also studio classes (no spinning).
She says as soon as she does any lower body stuff her veins start “popping”.
any advice?

maybe tell her to be careful of upper body stuff. she might break a nail. or, like, muss her hair or something.

when you asked about this over in PW i thought you were taking the piss. lolz.

is she looking for an excuse to be lazy?? she wanna do bosu ball squats or something??

tell her to man the fuck up.

compression gear.

Don’t know about the bo-squats and thank god there aren’t any people in my gym that do them but she don’t look like the lazy type, she is in decent shape as far as I can guess (ain’t overweight) , I will take your advice about compression gear though.
ill try whatever I can to take her out of the adductor-abductor machine :slight_smile:

yeah compression gear. or compression bandage or whatever. to help the blood flow back to the torso rather than pool in the periphery.

basically i don’t know shit about this. i just did a quick google search. seems the jury is a little bit out on this… but weightlifting shouldn’t make the veins worse in either gender. or compression gear should prevent weightlifting making things worse anyway. the compression gear might be enough to prevent her freaking out about potentially making things worse, anyway. i actually love training in compression gear because my muscles feel nice and sleek and cool and supported (i’m a chick so that isn’t as gay as it sounds)

Activa is a brand that makes some compression stockings that look like white athletic socks.