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Varicose Vein

Hey guys Ive noticed the beginnings of a varicose vein in my left calf. Its only slightly raised and is not at all painful and only noticed when my girlfriend pointed it out. is it safe to do my test cycle or not?

Just came off a cutting cycle with no problems but dont know if the vein was there during it or appeared because of it. please help I havent a clue and am a little worried.

I’m presuming this is either so dangerous nobody wants to comment or so trivial it doesn’t warrant an answer lol!

I think its just an uncommon question and most people probably just haven’t seen them combined before.
I’m no doc so this is just my opinion but I really can’t imagine that AAS could have any effect on it.

really, pain and/or discomfort is your best guide to continue or not, but elevating the blood pressure in a region where your vericose veins are present may worsen the vericose veins. tho quite rare.

can post a pic of it? need more descriptions at rest and at exertion.

i’d refer you to your doc for specifics.


well ill try and post a pick. at rest just seems to be a faint blue streak. when doing lower body lifts it naturally gains a little size without standing out massively. to be completely honest its not that obvious i was just wondering about other peoples experiences and whether it would be dangerous to take gear.

Do not worry about it. Juice it up! That is what people skilled in endovascular laser ablation are there for!
I can refer to you some wizards should you need it.
Search VenaCure if you like.

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At least Mr. Bushy enjoys my humor…with a pinch of truth I might add.
Forgive me, I have been taking cooking classes to impress some friends.

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to our yankee brigade? piss taker is a joker type.

  1. You should really not take any of our advice and take it upon yourself to see a doctor whenever you can. It doesn’t honestly seem like that big of an issue, but as it’s been said already, I don’t think many (read: “Any”) of us really have the in-depth knowledge to give you sound advice.

  2. Do you get any numbness or tingling sensations on that calf? Anything that might lead you to suspect it’s not just a vein surfacing from lesser bodyfat?

  3. bushy, consider consulting my friend:

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[quote]brianfromhawaii wrote:
does it look like…


Nah no numbness or tingling it may well be from lower bodyfat as has been suggested but really i just wanted to see whether it would be dangerous to take gear with it. it is quite a feint vein and I havent really heard anything to suggest any drastic occurences by taking gear so ill probably go ahead and do my cycle.

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I wonder if guys like Paul Dillet and Dorian Yates felt the same way I felt seeing that picture when they started getting those crazy squiggly veins in their arms/chest.