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Varicocele vein


I have a Varicocele vein in my left testicle and am only 16, i've had it for a couple of years now and was wondering if anyone knew how or if it affects my growth. (i mature at about the same as my brother if that is any indication of how it affects me.)


I too had a varicocele vein when I was your age (I'm 25 now). The doctor never mentioned anything about stunted growth...I don't think the two are related. The major problem is that there is a chance it can lead to sterility if untreated. I opted to have surgery when I was 16 and now I am fine. No shooting blanks here!


Yes I am 16 and I have a varicecole too but I have realized one good thing about it is that you have less of a chance to get a girl pregnant. I will probably have it fixed some day. Does anyone know if this is related to low testosterone levels?


I have bilateral vericoceles (both left and right testicles). I have also had two vericocelectomies on the left side to try to repair it, and although they took alot of the bad veins out, the vericocele remains... It can lower sperm count and if bad enough can cause sterility. It is caused by havey lifting and is common in bodybuilders/powerlifters. Get to a good urologist and get a recomendation on whether it can be repaired. I have jsut learned to live with mine, even though they are painful... there is just nothing to be done because if they keep cutting veins out, the testicle will die, so being theat you are so young, and I also first noticed mine on the left side when I was 16, you should get some advice from a urologist...