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Varicocele Surgery


I posted a while back recently in July my T level from dialysis was 308 , SHBG was 11 and free was 76 LH and 6.5 and FSH was 17. Fast forward I had posted here before trying to get to bottom , I had a ultrasound that measured my testicles, the right was around 20 cc which is normal for adult but left was at 12 cc and it caused pain on both sides and atrophy on the left. well It showed I had grade 3 bilateral varicoceles. To top it off I had a very low sperm count in 1.0E*10^6, I waas depressed for a month. Well I got perscribed clomid but did jot take it yet and as of last Friday I had varicocele surgery to remove the bilateral veins on both sides. Heres to hoping my levels and sperm count improves.

Keep us posted on post surgery hormone levels and sperm count. I was also diagnosed with varicocele but I’m past all that now on trt. No surgery. Never will. No point now. I’m still interested in your case to see if your results match up with the studies.