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Varicocele Pain

Does anyone else possibly think that a cycle of anabolics can cause and form a varicocele ?

Based on 5 seconds of searching the web, no I do not. But I am not a doctor. What did the doctor who diagnosed your varicocele tell you was the cause?

I’ve gotten diagnosed with a varicocele grade 3 and also had it repaired

And I feel I may have noticed it before but I feel as if right after the cycle it gotten much worse and start causing a bad pain.

Curious about this. I found out I had a varicocele at age 16. 26 now and have ran a few cycles. I have not noticed any pain. What the the reason for you repair? i remember the doctor talking about 1 day possibly needing surgery but cant remember why

I did the embolization because it turned out to be a huge grade 3 that caused pain