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Varicocele Embolization

I am going in for varicocele embolization on monday morning (left testicle). The main reason is because i want to see if i can improve my testosterone levels and sperm count back to a normal level.

My left testicle atrophied due a varicocele and this in turn caused lower testosterone levels (though not 100% hypogonadism as my LH/FSH stayed in the “normal” range). However this lead to a whole host of testosterone related problems.

I am hoping that having this varicocele removed will help and not make matter’s worse for me. I get the usual dull aching pain and sometimes pain in my leg and groin area (sometimes even near the base of the penis). Regarding getting varicoceles repaired, I have read some “horror” stories on this board and i am now a little scared about the whole thing!

From what i have heard their is no link between the penis blood supply and testicular blood supply, so erection’s aren’t effected. I heard one guy mentioning his erections were, but i can only relate this to hormonal disorder caused by the varicocele (i.e. lower testosterone / free testosterone).

I would love to hear the experiences of others.