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Varicocele and TRT

Well I just got another blood test this morning will post when I receive it but before hand I’ve had 2 tests one at 420 and 400 I got tested because I felt like trap and got diagnosed with a varicocele I’m 26 I have surgery scheduled Aug 22 so that’s something I have one uro who said it can affect testosterone but everyone’s individual and the surgeon saying it doesn’t also the one that believes it affects T said she would treat me here are the labs I have from the past 4 months
Free t-5.5pg/ml
Lh 7.6mIU/ml
This recent blood test I just got had my thyroid day and everything I just mentioned again to see if it changed my complaints are ed, tired and getting kinda fat but I haven’t been working out either due to depression and anxiety if things don’t look up uro said hcg mono to keep fertility but I can go on t with hcg but it’s my choice she thinks I’m to young I agree and if I do and gonna freeze my sperm…just hate facing a life married to a needle and testosterone prior to this varicocele showing up I was always a little tired but never had ed or anything I’d lift get big and have a good day now it’s like nose dived my life…any responses are welcome thx allot guys

Last paragraph rather rambling…

Some have recovered nicely with that surgery and high LH suggests that the testes really are the problem. Is this bi-lateral? If only one side, prospects are lower than both sides, suggesting that the other teste was not able to carry the load with LH=7.6

Low FT is leading to low E2 which makes sense. SHBG seems a bit high VS E2, so while liver is clearing E2 nicely, it is producing more SHBG that expected. But we do see a lot of variations in SHBG that are unexplained that may simply add up to individual variations.

Top end of HPTA is working well and E2 and prolactin are not getting in the way of LH production. FSH should be tested too, I am seeing a lot of LH only lately which is not wise from a diagnostic point of view.

No it’s unilateral on my left and I just got fsh and my thyroid checked this morning will post when I get results and I figured it’s my testes considering it’s a vein in my testes and it all went down since it appeared. And I agree one testes can’t carry the weight in this situation, that being said a varicocele heats the whole scrotum affecting both testicles not just one so the high lh may be because both are being affected like my testes being stuck in a hot tub probably not a good thing huh…i get surgery in exactly a month and it will be 5 months to the day till surgery since this showed up hopefully the damage isn’t done and it’s reversible since I was aggressive getting looked at and pushing for surgery those uros did all they could to not let me get surgery i had to put on a Grammy nominee performance about pain but I did it and got the ok for surgery it will be done microscopic subinigual aug 22. By a good surgeon I’m on the east coast and I’m having it done by Chesapeake urology whos contracted by johns Hopkins so they are as good as it can be.

Also KSman you’ve seen people recover nicely after the surgery? That’s re assuring because everywhere I read they still end up on trt now granted they are usually getting them fixed years later and are older so maybe thats a big factor but I’m glad you’ve seen people recover truly thanks for letting me know that.

More so with younger guys.

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Is 26 considered a younger guy …soory I have to ask but young in surgery recovery could be 16 to 18

I don’t mind a total test of 400 if I feel good I’m not a bro hopped up on having the highest number ya know but I’d like to be healthy I plan on posting about my surgery post o.o numbers when it does happen I wanna keep people informed

Also with shbg so high is it possible I had much higher testosterone before this? The more test the more shbg right or is it the opposite.

Higher E2 increased SHBG
Higher T decreases SHBG

You are young!

Cool glad to hear so if I get a t increase that should in theory lower my shbg and raise my free and maybe raise my e2 a tiny bit? Lol glad to hear I’m young haha this whole t thing scared the crap outa me no disrespect to young guys who are on trt or who have been through low t but I really would not want that…its not the end of the world because I feel like in today’s society at some point in life every guys gonna need it anyway but I’d at least like to ball out through my 20s being good to go…get it ball out…

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That right KSman? Also from what you know about varicoceles you believe they do what’s happening to me

Fits the pattern.

KSman after surgery I’m gonna wait around 4 months to see if things improve if they don’t what’s a good light pct to help my testicles recover function thank?

You would do labs first.

See the HPTA restart sticky.

Waiting on my other labs but just got my new tt numbers back what a surprise lower 380…and dhea serum 328 and free test 6.8 so from 420 to 400 to 381 let’s see how long they have to keep dropping before my urologist thinks it’s affecting my testosterone…f whatever he thinks he just better do a good job on my surgery…maybe my post results will make his Change his way of thinking…these doctors are a joke.

KSman can a guy do ok in the 400 to 500 tt range my age if his free t is good? Again I’m 26 maybe after this surgery all I need to increase is my free testosterone what do you think?

Got my dhea serum test back came in at 328 still waiting on thyroid and fsh and lh and shbg. What is dhea serum ksman care to explain?

@KSman here are my labs what do you think

Thyroid is a mess.
Top end of HPTA is weak. -changed
DHEA-S, DHEA sulfate, is low for your age[do not test DHEA]
DHEA is an adrenal hormone. AM cortisol would be of interest.
What was 328
Your FT is not livable.
Your LH/FSH is not encouraging.

Evaluate your overall thyroid function by checking oral body temperatures as per the thyroid basics sticky. Thyroid hormone fT3 is what gets the job done and it regulates mitochondrial activity, the source of ATP which is the universal currency of cellular energy. This is part of the body’s temperature control loop. This can get messed up if you are iodine deficient. In many countries, you need to be using iodized salt. Other countries add iodine to dairy or bread.