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Varicocele and the Adrenal/Kidney Connection

I should point out that I have (in part) recovered 4-5 months after taking Cipro due to extremely strict diet and high-dosing magnesium for months. Along with taking a load of other important supplements to aid recovery.

How are your libido/erections? What symptoms are you mainly dealing with?

I have a few theories on the thyroid/adrenal connection, as mention in my initial post I believe the “pooling” (varicocele) issue causes imbalances in the adrenal hormones as well resulting in elevated ATCH signalling, which causes higher than normal cortisol/progesterone levels.

The testicles also have thyroid releasing hormone receptors, which is probably part of the temp control system which also gets messed up with varicocele.

As a side note, my RT3 was also elevated like yours.

Another thing I should point out is that progesterone raises prolactin, which obviously isn’t great either.

My prolactin is 25 (5-15 range).

My libido/erections on 185mg/weekly daily shots is as good as it gets. Was very low before trt. Trt took a while to fix it though

But do you know what exactly cause your low T. Do you think it was due to a varicocele?
Maybe I need to start getting my progesterone checked out. What are considered good levels of progesterone?

same here I had to do the same thing

ok so to sum this up for lab purposes guys with varicocele need to check progesterone and prolactin?
I do know for a fact while on TRT my prolactin was pretty high so my doctor put me one cabergoline to bring it down and it really helped until it became to low.

Was there any permanent side effects of Cipro?

As per my previous reply, yes - it damages connective tissue and my joints all click like crazy now. My digestion is still messed up as well, which is going to take years to re-balance my gut microbiome.

I still have intermittent brain fog, fatigue and a few other issues.

Yeah, get progesterone checked and also cortisol (via saliva), along with other hormones, etc.

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A while in what way? Like months to recover?

Yeah months but mainly getting dialed in and figuring out the right protocol.

Depending how indepth you want to go here’s my most recent lab results. These are pretty thorough and may be more than you need but you can use it as a guide. Definitely get the salival cortisol test.

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No high E2 sides?

Ferratin seems a bit low? Correct me if I’m wrong I’m still learning

That is correct. Have since been taking:

106mg elemental iron
1000mg vitamin C

Yes the high E2 sides consist of extreme libido & erections, major muscle growth and more energy than when I was taking anastrozole to “control” E2. If you learn anything from this site it should be don’t take an AI. If you feel you have E2 sides wait 2 months and they will likely go away on their own. This took me 6 months to learn and it using an AI was the single biggest mistake I’ve made.


What’s your current protocol? So you are saying higher e2 eventually becomes beneficial?

Everyone is different so take all advice as pieces to a puzzle. Some of those pieces may not fit your puzzle but until you try them you won’t know. For me I was extremely scared of E2 for a while when starting trt. After feeling like shit trying to control it I finally relented and just let it go. I ended up feeling so much better. There are many people that have the same results. Not everyone though but many. Try it but like everything in the hormone world you have to give it enough time to work and sometimes you feel like shit until you feel better. When I have higher E2 my erections, libido, well being, energy, etc all are better than when I tried to control it. For me 70’s is way better than 30’s.

That’s not very long. It took me a few months to get dialed in, which is pretty normal. For some people it’s like a light switch. For others it’s slower and more subtle. Give it time.

Btw, had a vericocele many years ago and aside from the miserable post-op recovery I didn’t notice any difference between before and after. I think you’re looking for a macro answer to a question that’s answered on the individual, micro scale.

The thing is at the time I didn’t have any low T symptoms so I was not really paying that much attention if anything was going wrong so I would not know for sure if something came from the Cipro