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Varicocele and Low Testosterone


I am 34, in fair shape (13% bf) have been dealing with low testosterone for the last year or so. I had a blood test done last july and my level was in the low 600's. I had another test done about four months ago and my level was around 360 and I felt like crap. I talked to my GP about TRT and he is all for it. Problem is, he wants to put me on Androgel and no HGH or anything to control E2. I still want to have kids so I'm not sure this is a good option now. So I descided to put TRT off at that time. On a good day I can get a descent erection but those days are'nt all that often. Doctors specializing in TRT in the Spokane WA area are next to impossible to find.

About two months ago I went to a urologist complaning of testicle pain and shooting pains that would start at my testicle and head toword my kidney. After an exam and an testicular ultra sound it was determined that I had a varicocele. I had surgery about a month ago and am still in the healing stages. A few weeks before my surgery my T levels were back to around 500. I'm still trying to figure out why my T levels very so much. All tests were done at roughly the same time in the morning.

I've been doing some research and have found a few studies that show that varicocele's can cause low testosterone because they cause the testicle to overheat and lack of proper blood flow. Just wondering if anyone has delt with a varicocele and did it have any effect on your T? I realize everyone is different but I'm just weighing my options and tring to descide how long to wait before starting TRT. I'm thinking 2-3 months? But I will of coarse get another blood test done first.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Really no discussion of that here.

The following link may be helpful. The major thing that you learn will probably be that every case is different.



Thanks for the link KSman, very informative. I do have one question, and it was the same question that popped up on the anabolicminds thread a few times but was really never answered. Do you think that clomid, nolva or hcg would be a good idea to help kick start the testes in hopes of returning to normal? It seems to me that it would be worth a shot. Access to clomid or nolva is no problem but hcg is another story.


OP, how are your T levels since the surgery? Libido, motivation, recovery, etc.?


I had varicoceles, diagnosed nearly twenty years ago, and at the time two urologists told me the surgery was unnecessary so I didnt have it. I ended up with very low testosterone 18 years later and have been battling the problem ever since. My Mayo clinic doc says he has seen dozens of cases of varicocele induced hypogonadism, and surgery works as long as it is done early enough (ie the varicocelse has not been there more than a couple of years max.)


After surgery with restored blood flow, that would be worth a try.Do not use clomid. Note that SERMs will also increase E2 as will hCG.