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Varicocele and Low T, TRT?

Hey guys 23 y.o lifter here.
Last year i was feeling absolutely amazing, making great gains in the gym and such. Until one day i noticed a weird pain in my scrotum and really soft erections. It was identified i had varicoceles on both sides. Most probably from squatting so heavily.

Fast forward a year and my test dropped all the way down to the 200s with sub-optimal fertility levels (low sperm mobility), had a bilateral variocelectomy about 2 weeks ago from which i am still recovering.
Doctor is considering of giving me a Nebido test shot in order to boost my T levels as i feel fatigued and depressed most of the times.

The thing is, wont this immediately stop my natural hormonal production and cause more harm than good? Will my testicles shrink after only 1 shot? Will i need some form of after-care once the test is completely absorbed by my body and done for? My testicles were already pretty shrunk from the varicoceles which i JUST fixed so i expect them to go back to normal.
Should i wait 2-3 months and have my levels re-checked before i do anything injectable? It was also noted i have prostatitis with staphyloccocus aureus after a semen test i had 3 weeks ago, and i’m taking ciproxin for 20 days for it.

Doctor is suggesting that one shot won’t harm me and would be “good” for me somehow but we all know that is not always the case.
He is the best urologist in my country so i “kind of” trust him but he is no endocrinologist.
Yet i still want to go back to university and the gym feeling healthy and not unmotivated to even live my life.

All replies are appreciated.

Ok. I would say no to the nebido injection. Yes, it will shut down your natural production making the varicelectomy procedure completely pointless and a waste of time. The whole point is to increase blood flow to the testicles for healthy sperm and testosterone production and the nebido will stop both dead in its tracks. You need to recover fully and see where you stand. Studies have shown an obvious increase in Test production after this procedure. It may not be enough for you but you have other options. After full recovery you could consult your doctor about HCG or Clomid monotherapy. If that fails… you could always try try later. Your young so you stand a chance of this working. Good luck and God speed boss.

Hey man thanks for the reply. I was literally just about to go get the injection done which is due in a couple of hours and now you are giving me second thoughts. How much will my test increase due to the surgery? Will i go back to the 500-600 range or is that impossible since i reached hypogonadism basically?

Also the nebido wont actually improve my natural test but lower it in the long run isn’t that right?

Thing is i also read around Steroidology (website) and this dude was asking about injecting Test E one time and if PCT was needed. To which everyone said no and that he would be fine.

I just need to know if this will hurt me more in the long run and to avoid it completely.
I was big af last year and i had proper boners. Sad this turned out the way it did.

It will shut down your natural production 100%. No questions asked unless you take HCG injections in conjunction.

You should look up the clinical studies on varicelectomy. Not hard to find. It’s not a dramatic increase. If I remember correctly it was in the neighborhood of 25%. That would put you still in low normal range.


Sigh i understand bro. I don’t wish to be on the “low normal range”.
You guys have way more experience than i do so i will listen.
The only option after this if im still having low levels is full on TRT right? Maybe clomid and HCG like you suggested.

Trt is an option. Clomid monotherapy is an option. HCG monotherapy is an option. Nolvadex monotherapy is an option. Trt with HCG is an option. Being miserable for the rest of your life is an option. You have a lot of potential options.

I would try clomid or novaldex for 4-6 weeks before trt in your case. Then run labs.

I get ya. Will research all methods and discuss with endos and my urologist. Thanks a lot. Glad i didn’t take the plunge for the test shot. Don’t want to fuck up my self.

Also curious if this Staphylococcus aureus bacteria that i have is affecting my boners, cause i read on some research papers that it MIGHT lead to test loss.
This is the second time im running ciproxin 500 mg for it after 6 months and im dedicated for it to go away. Will have to log my progress.
Perhaps i’ll use this thread for it or create a new one to help new comers.

Take a close look at your Cipro as well boss man. Cipro is a dangerous antibiotic that is only supposed to be used as a last resort as it has been confirmed to cause nerve damage. It’s recognized by the fda and the fda has warnings out for it. I suffered nerve damage from it and will probably have it for life now. My left leg has permanent numbness on the outer thigh area. Just fyi.

If you have prostatitis you need to take the antibiotics for a while. Just make sure the antibiotic kills the specific bacteria

i am aware bro, having no issues from cipro other than fatique and mind-fog. But it goes away after a while. Quite sorry to hear what happened to you after taking it. I read about cases of people literally commiting suicide from it.

hey thanks for the input to the thread.

this could be an interesting read

cipro is useful against methicillin resistant versions of staph aureus.

Yeah. I had prostatitis about 15 years ago and they gave me Cipro to. Did not bother me either.

how long did ya take the cipro for? i did a 20 day run of it last year and apparently the bacteria didnt go away. so im redoing it now. i skipped yesterday cause pharmacies were closed btu i think ill be alright if i use another 10 days.

also just out of curiousity, what symptoms did you have from your prostatitis?

In think it was pain don’t remember where though. Sorry. I believe I took for 30 days maybe more.