Variations on Certain Lifts

Alright, I just started TBT, today being my second workout day. The first day I did incline bench presses for the first time. I used the weight I normally use for flat bench press, even though I normally use a higher volume than what the first day of TBT calls for. I did this because I hadn’t worked out in a week and wanted to be sure I didn’t fail.

Anyway, the lift proved much harder than I expected. I almost failed on the last rep. So, my question is, how does the the amount of wieght you use compare on certain lifts, the ones I want to know are:

Incline/Decline/Flat Bench Press

Sumo-style Deadlift, Regular Deadlift, Good Morning

Front Squat/Hack Squat/Regular Squat

Mainly, I want to know how good mornings compare to sumo-style deadlifts, because I did sumos sunday and I’m doing good mornings today.


Certain people are going to have strengths in other places. But here’s some real world data from my training log.

These are all in the 3 rep range.
Incline Bench: 200lb
Flat Bench: 215lb
Decline Bench: 250lb

Good Morning: 205lb
Sumo-DL: 335lb
Regular-DL: 325lb

Front Squat: 210lb
Hack Squat: 265lb
Regular Squat: 260lb

You can do the math on your own and get the percentages.

there is no set numbers… it totally depends on the individual