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Variations Of Primary Focus

…in conjugate training

I’ve read some posts of people working olympic lifting into a westside-style template, but how about a template that puts primary focus not on bench,squats, and deads, but instead (for example) on chins overhead pressing and front (or quad dominant) squatting?

I realize the importance of keeping the posterior chain as strong as possible but accessory exercises could still take care of this.

Obviously this would not be a workout for a strict powerlifter but might be great for someone simply looking to build overall strength and/or size.

Alternating focus between this type of template and a “standard” powerlifting template seems like a great idea.

It may also be useful if one had an injury. lets say i cant bench at all cause my shoulder is jacked and just needs rehab time, but i can chin, row and over head press like a s.o.b. …
its still a conjugate system its just focusing on areas other than the standard bench and squat.

I’m going to try something like this after i phase out of my whole-body-training that im currently doing.

thoughts , ideas, criticisms?

train hard.
ryan b.

what’s the big deal - that’s how I’m training right now :slight_smile: