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Variations of Olympic Pulls

I know that there are hundreds of variations to the olympic pulls does anyone know of any sites or sources where i can read more about most if not all the variations?

buy “The Weightlifting Encyclopedia” by Dreschler on half.com

great book

Agree, it is one of my favorite reads. You can also look into getting some of the translated Soviet and Bulgarian texts at Elitefts.

[quote]clonewars2000 wrote:
buy “The Weightlifting Encyclopedia” by Dreschler on half.com

great book[/quote]

Yeah, I got the same book and it covers tons of material. It can be difficult to find…it seems a lot of book stores are on back order for it. Luckily I found it on ebay.

Me four! Drechsler’s book is great, and his discussion of the arguments for and against different variations of the pulls is illuminating and impartial. A brief summary of the different variables:

Type: Clean pull or snatch pull.
Stance at end of pull: Up on toes or staying on heels.
Length of pull: Low (elbows stay locked) or High (elbows unlock, not to pull, but to let the weight fly higher).
Variations: From floor, from blocks, from hang, from just below the knee, from the knee, from just above the knee, from dead hang (at one of the points other than the floor, with no momentum - dead hang pulls and lifts from the top position without knee bend were used to great effect by Dave Sheppard).

Still get the book. You won’t regret it.