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Variation Difficulty

Can you power clean off blocks more than a power clean from the ground? I realize it may vary for person, but is there any general understanding that you lower/advance the weight when you change the height of your pull?

I ask because I did a 260lb powerclean from ~14" off the ground, and I don’t think I could powerclean 260lb from the ground, though I haven’t yet tried.

Typically, most people can lift more from the floor than from the various positions, due to having momentum on the bar. However, if you don’t pull from the floor, then you can overdevelop the lifts from boxes or the hang. It can also vary greatly depending on the lifter.

So if I should happen to clean 275lbs from the floor next time, I should be happy with my results?

Most non lifters do better from hang/ blocks because they can’t do the first pull correctly.

First pull = From floor to the mid thigh for the start of the 2nd pull

Due to the above issue they generally lift less from the floor. From Hang/ blocks negates having to do the 1st pull.

Most lifters will be able to lift more from the floor due to having momentum witht he bar already like olylifter106 has pointed out already. But you get a few freaks etc and they are wearing straps as well for hang/ block work in general so that helps them as well.