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Variable Split Training

I have a training book on variable split training and I was wanting to hear what the forum has to say about it? IHere is the layout.

Mon: Chest/Shoulders/Tri/Bi
Wed: Back/Shoulders/Tri/Bi
Fri: Chest/Shoulders/Tri/Bi
Sat: Legs/Calves
Mon: Repeat starting with Back

It makes sense to me when I read about it because you train your bi’s and tri’s more often because they recover quicker while the back and chest take longer hince the longer recovery time. Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks!

Is recovery time also the excuse used for training legs once a week?

without more details it just looks like your spending to much time working minimal muscle (shoulders and arms)

Seems to me like way too much delt work.

your working half the body 3 days a week, the other half or MORE (legs) once. you are working an 1/8 or so of the body 3 of four days (arms) anmd the like above the shoulders are going to take a hell of a beating.

thats without knowing what each of those days consist of. seems like a poor plan to me.