Var vs Var/Win/Prov

I’ve been lurking and learning for a long long time on this site, picking up a lot of knowledge about steroids in particular along the way and have decided on a first cycle.

I know an injectable would be a much better option in terms of cost/benefit and probably even simplicity but for now i’m able to get my hands on a reasonable supply of var and at very cheap rates and it seems ideal for my first dip into roids.

I know it would be better combined with something like winstrol and proviron to make a class I, class II and improve my DHT levels but how much benefit is the win/prov really going to add (in terms of LBM gains) compared to the cost (probably double the cost of the cycle if not more). And would it be a much harsher cycle liver-wise. I was looking at 7 weeks but if anyone can advise better i would much appreciate it.

Thanks for anyones input.

Injectables, use them. Test use it. Read stickies post required info.

“…I know an injectable would be a much better option in terms of cost/benefit…”


I personally would choose Dbol to stack with Var, while BR DOES say that Stan is also CII, there is going to be a better overall effect using a drug like Dbol with a CI like Var. IMO at least - clearly he would be the man to consult having done synergy testing/experimentation.

I too think you should use an injectable - if your weekly Var costs less than 500mg/wk of Test E, then you should possibly distrust your source.
Var will also be considerably more expensive than Winstrol or Proviron and if the addition of either of those drugs makes the cost double, i would again seriously doubt the quality of this highly faked drug.

Proviron has no useful anabolic effect and would only be useful for the DHT - and there are other drugs that do this but actually give other benefits too (Test’one, Mast’on). For this reason it has no role in class synergy - as it has no noticeable anabolism.

Winstrol and Var are both relatively mild steroids in men, and while BR suggests there is some decent synergy (never stacked them - fucking hate Stan) - there is still a ‘glass ceiling’ due to each individual drugs potential… so bear that in mind if you expect an explosive combination of any I+II stack.
If the beleif is simply that it will be better - then that is right.

As i said, if i were to do an oral cycle - which i would not, then i would use a Class II like Dianabol or Anadrol stacked with an effective CI steroid like Anavar or high dose Primo (200mg/wk).
I prefer Drol on many levels these days - and think that with HCG, that a drol and var stack would prove very nice indeed for a lean gain in quality muscle (i thrive off controversy ;P).

I have in the past listed a ‘wish-list’ favourite oral cycle to be:

Wk1-6 Primobolan Acetate 150-200mg/day
Wk1-6 Dianabol 30-40mg/day
Wk1-6 Anavar 60-80mg/day

I think that would be real effective.

[quote]Vatic wrote:
Injectables, use them. Test use it. Read stickies post required info.[/quote]

It’s not like the OP said " I can get any AAS ever produced but I am considering 7 weeks of Var only". If that was the case your post may have some use but since he said that he has limited AAS available your post is useless.

To the OP

I have run Var solo before for 6-8 weeks, I forget how long exactly. Dose it around 60mg/d and you should enjoy some nice performance enhancement benefits. The main benefit I think you will notice is improvements in body composition and moderate strength gain. I don’t recommend much less than that but more should give better results (up to a certain point of course).

I’ve never used winstrol so I can’t comment.

What are your plans for PCT?

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Please give background about yourself. Read the cycle proposal sticky. This is necessary before any more help can be offered

PCT? Surely with a mild drug like Var PCT isn’t needed? etc…


was generally using the var because of ease of access and not looking to explode in size but would enjoy the great strength gains from var as well as limited lbm increases.

PCT = pretty standard nolva 30/20/20 as i think it has less negatives than clomid and is equally available to me and the var wouldnt shut me down too much so no massive doses needed.

History - 5 years solid training now but has always been mixed with a high load of endurance fitness in the past which along with limited excess calories has kept my weight down and now tapering that off and looking to move more into power/strength work. 5’10 190 pulling 190kg dead, 120bench, 150 atg squat. BF relatively low generally, diet is pretty standard and in check and just going to increase quantities during a cycle.

Test enth 500 p/w would certainly be my ideal starter cycle for an inj but as its not available right now to me like the var is, so i didnt really mention it as i wasnt asking what would be an ideal cycle, i was more interested in learning more what would be the pro’s and cons of running these extras alongside var if i choose to run it or wait till i can get some reasonable test e.

thanks for the replies so far

Do your due diligence on the product. The quality - and perhaps even contents - of what is sold as anavar tends to really vary these days. The fact that anavar is the only thing available to you sounds a little worrisome, imo. Hopefully I’m wrong and your source just inherited an overstock of var.

Anyway, it can be a nice compound. Nothing spectacular, but it’ll give you more energy and strength in the gym, and you should certainly be able to add some muscle. Personally, I can’t run something like that for too long on its own… my joints start to hurt, but it seems that there are plenty of others that don’t suffer that fate. Oh and make sure you take a liver supplement.

And (added onto WTMN post) in my experience in the area, a supplier will only come into an overstock of a drug like Var ONLY if they have easy access and abundnace of the other more common products.

There is not an AAS supplier on the planet who would stock up on a drug like that while being low on Test, Deca, Tren and Dbol IMO.

HOWEVER if it is ‘just a mate’ then you have more chance of it being kosher - although i would expect he got ripped too.

Of course my realism may well be pessimism.

60-80mg a week for 6 weeks, 2 doses a day.

After researching quite in depth a bit i’m dubious about the benefits that would be gained from adding proviron and dont think it’d be worth the cost.

Adding dianabol vs stan seems better but wanted to get peoples views on running 50mg var w/ 30mg dbol ED for 7wks. w/ nolva for pct. Not massive doses so could up each of them a bit.

Seems like a reasonable oral only class I/II cycle

i’m not asking about the benefit of a test e vs oral cycle, just wanting people’s input on putting together an all oral cycle (yeah go ahead and flame me) which is not intended as a pure mass gaining cycle.