Var to End Cycle

Hi guys

did my research, ran my first cycle as follows (please note it is the end of 6 weeks of my cycle, it is not complete yet)

w 1 - 4: dbol 50mg ED
w 1 - 10: test enth 200mg 2x/week
w 1 - 10: arimidex 0.5mg EoD (it comes in a 1mg capsule and i split the powder in 2 manually)
w 4 - 10: HCG subq 250IU 2x/week

pct will be nolva 40 40 20 20

i am happy with the gains, strength went up substantially, weight is up around 12lbs.

my question is…would it be worth my while to drop the cash for 4 weeks of anavar at 100mg/day? All the reading i found said that more is better with var, average recommended doses were 80 or 100. I would like to drop a couple of body fat % points, but from past posts on this forum it seems like the concensus was that you’re the only one that will notice…however everyone there was taking some low doses so your feedback here would be appreciated.

thank you

Diet brings about physique changes. Not specific drugs. This isnt a contest prep drug stack, don’t think of it as one.

fair enough, i tend to get my diet in good check when i am losing weight, just wanted to see if i could do something to help. Another reason i considered anavar is because i read that it makes gains more “solid” or permanent and that it can be useful for mediating the low test period after stopping the long esters, say if you run anavar for a couple of weeks after the last enth shot…

Your final sentence has merit. If you want to do it for that reason then do it. But adding it to “solidfy” gains in any other way doesnt make sense to me.

I also dont recommend going into a caloric deficit for a little while after a mass cycle. Drop to your new maintenance amount and try to hold the muscle.

thanks bonez
if you got any other info on the topic that you can shoot my way, i’d appreciate it
also if anyone else wants to contribute, thanks in advance

Like what?

i donno this thread seems to have taken a whole new direction…looks like we’re talking about keeping gains after the cycle now