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Var & Test Prop Cycle

Hey all,

I hope to start my first ever cycle 1st week of May for 8 weeks and needed some help from you pros. I am ready to take any criticism on my cycle plan and ready to head back to the drawing board.

5.7 inch
26yr old
BF 12-13%
Working out for the past 4yrs and believe I have reached my natural potential
My main concern: MPB, I am currently on 1mg of Finasteride/day (past 1yr) with no side effects.
I know Steroids=‘Hair loss’ if you are prone to MPB, but I would want to try my best to keep this to a minimum (as I love my hair).
Goals: Not expecting a miracle, I just want to see enough boost in strength and size with all the hard work I am putting in the gym (I believe I have reached the peak of natural gains)

Anavar being toxic, I am limiting it to 6 weeks. I am also adding about 350mg testosterone Proportionate for better gains.

W 1-8 Test Prop 350mg/week
W 3-8 Var 60mg ED
W 1-8 Adex 0.25mg EOD (vary if needed)
W 1-8 Finasteride 1.25mg/ED
W 9-12 Nolvadex (60mg, 40mg then 20mg as standard)

I’ve read pros suggesting not to use testosterone propionate for a newbies first cycle due to the pain of injections and its frequency? Is it something that would prevent me from working out to my full potential? How bad is the pain?

I would like to stick with test propionate due to the fact that it has a shorter half life and I can easily stop the cycle if I hurt myself or run into any side effects and the test would be out of my system.

Also, read reviews where people suggest t-bol instead of Var for those with MPB issues? What about deca instead of Var? knowing deca is safer on the scalp because it’s somewhat deactivated by the 5 alpha reductase…but doesn’t finesteride diminish the effectiveness of the 5 alpha reductase? so taking finesteride to avoid the DHT conversion of test while taking deca might not be a great idea?

Tanks in advance for any any advise or criticism, I will take anything you throw at me, so please feel free to comment. As mentioned earlier, I would like to avoid any MPB side effects.