Var + Test E Cutting Cycle

I’m currently mid cycle (about 5 weeks in on a 16 week cycle)
27 year old, lifting 10+years, trying to shed quarantine lbs and some. 5’10 195 lbs ~20% bf.
I’m currently running teste+var and I’m trying to tweak the dosage for perfection - juggling cutting and some strength gains while avoiding water retention and moon face.
This cycle is a cutting cycle, as I’ve been in a caloric deficit 500 below BMR, looking to loose another 10 lbs of fat, only running the var for 5 more weeks(10 total). Flipped my diet and seriously intensified training upon cycle start, hence the quick weight drop initially.

week 1: 30mg var 200mg test e
week 2: 30mg var 250mg test e
week 3: 40mg var 300mg test e
week 4: 50 mg var 300mg test e
week 5: 30mg var 350 mg test e

I have enough var to run 50 ed through, just don’t want to over kill with the orals. The var seems legit from what i’ve read and got from a reputable source. I’ve lost 14 lbs on the scale, have diet locked in, working out twice a day m-f and only a pump workout sat. Strength has been great. I haven’t had any sides and have ran test in the past as high as 750/week until bp humbled me quick. Just want to hear others advice as far as how they would dose with my objective.
Also, plan to incorporate hcg either on tail end of cycle or in PCT.

How often are you dosing the test?

I wouldnt at all.
You cut or you bulk - its about the diet and hours of cardio, not anavar. You will gain some fake strenght on var, and lose it when you quit var.
Anavar is not helping to burn fat in any way. It is mostly taken for competition to its potential hardening cosmetic effects, that is why bodybuilders take it before and into a show.
Firstly, being fat as fuck is a waste of var as even if it is hardening you, it is happening beneath your fat layer, and you just get 0 out of that benefit.
Second, if you are not a competitive bodybuilder, and you are looking for a result that can be maintained on a cruise, then var again - is a waste as it is not doing shit, except for killing your lipids, and lending you some strenght while you are paying for it(real var shouldnt be cheap, in fact, it is one of the most expensive drugs to take at 50mg ed). You just pay for short term fake strenght now. Nothing var does will matter once you quit it.

I like var for females. I like var for competitive bodybuilders heading into a show - like last 2-4 weeks into a competition, and i like var for powerlifting competition. Then again, there are better drugs for bodybuilding and better drugs for powerlifting.

All in all, Var in my experience is a female drug as it is too mild to actually build muscle for a male. It gives pumps and rented strenght, maybe some hardening while you pay and thats it.

Number one the more muscle / lean tissue you build the better your fat loss will be…Anavar will help with that muscle building. Number two Anavar has some scientific studies that shows it burns visceral fat. Number three The better you look and feel the more you will want to train…which in return the more fat you’ll lose. Keep doing what you’re doing OP, you’re doing just fine.

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Personally I think VAR pars best with test prop…learn to handle the burn.
A tried and true basic cut cycle is…
Prop 100mg eod
Anavar 50-100 Ed
I do this but add in test cyp 200mg once a week
Which is basically my TRT dose it’s the same for a decade…
I do think 80mg is the sweet spot for VAR
But only if it’s real… I’m pretty sure my VAR now is actually Winny which is fine for a cut cycle too but it’s more harsh. Tolerating VAR is easy Winny not so much…I can barely handle 60mg of Winny b4 I feel like I got hit by a truck… VAR u just look & feel great. Aftter this cut cycle in a yr or two u can add tren ace .25-1ml eod with your VAR & get great results… but don’t start playing with Tren until youve done good ol prop/ VAR combo a few times