Var Shutdown of Test Levels

Long story short I am 23 years old and ran 9 weeks of anavar (at 50mgs and then 75mgs) ending in mid august and my test levels have never really recovered.
Post cycle I attempted to run nolva at 40mgs, 30mgs, and 20mgs for one week each afterwards. What I thought was nolva actually turned out to be aromasin. For the record I do realize how stupid the mistakes I have made are and I know a lot of people wouldn’t ever recommend a var cycle itself anyway, lesson learned.

I have had my Free test level checked 2 years back and it was pretty high at 25nmol/L (I tried to find that conversion chart, I know that in America its measured differently) I have had my total test level checked a few weeks ago and it was 18.4 nmol/L (I know that the free test level is more important, but the doc wouldnt check it as he thought that it wasn’t relevant, sigh.)

I definitely have a major loss in libido as well as it seems I am quite tired and lethargic (making it through workouts is a struggle), even more emotional among other things.
I’ve been supplementing with more fish oils and vit d3, but obviously I don’t know the next step, if any I should/can take. So any advice is much appreciated.

Tell doctor the truth, thats what hes there for, he should give u HCG and clomid, if not tell him u need it, im suprised var beat u down like that -are u sure it was really var u were taking?

Hey thanks for the reply, I guess I was under the impression that most doc’s didn’t really know much about that sort of stuff, when I mentioned PCT to one of them he thought it was something I made up. But I’ll ask him about it (different doc.)
Anyhow I always thought that test would recover eventually after use, even if my endocrine system was 'beaten down,'but I guess that isn’t always the case? I am fairly certain it was var, but I guess I can’t know for sure.

Order some Nolva. Unless your nuts are atrophied that should fix you up. Run it for 4 weeks.

Dude if ur shut down nolvas arent really gonna help too much u need a HCG and clomid protocol and throw the nolvas in i guess if u can but not really too much needed if u ask me

So thats my best avenue you think, talk to my doc and see if he will perscribe me that?

Just thought I would bump this to see if there was any more input from anyone. Is the doctor avenue the best route to go?


The best thing you can do, regarding your blood tests, is educate yourself. If your doc tells you you don’t need your free test levels tested, tell him WHY you want them tested.

As far as recovery, you’ll want a SERM. Nolvadex dosed at 20mg per day for four weeks, with the first day being 60mg to elevate blood levels quickly. You can also use clomid if that’s easier for you to get your hands on. (Check the SERM and AI sticky at the top of this forum for dosing, as I don’t remember the proper dose for a clomid PCT). You DO NOT want HCG, as it will further suppress your T levels off cycle.

Yeah, I think I’ll have better luck with my doc this time around. The trouble is I know that Free Test levels are the most important but I don’t really have enough knowledge to try and explain why (which probably means I shouldn’t have been messing around with this stuff to begin with.) Is it worth getting both levels tested again, and talking to the doc do you think? Or proceed with getting Nolva or Clomid as it shouldn’t really be a problem

bro if this article doesnt give you the EXACT answer you’re looking for then i dunno what will… read twice if you have to

btw, how were your results with the Var?

Sounds like Nolva is the way to go, thanks guys.

As for the cycle itself, I just used it on a cut, which was from about 210lbs to 177lbs, crazy vascualarity, gained a bit of strength, looked super dry, great energy and pump. It really helped me to cut aggressively some days I even did HIIT before hitting the gym and felt great.

Dam sounds good!!! but yea Nolvadex seems like your best option and exactly what you need from what i read…

GL bro

I hate to have to keep bumping this. But apparently what I thought was var is actually winny, according to a really knowledgeable source. He also said it would be best to go on for 8 weeks as any pct now would be counterproductive as it would inhibit HPTA at this late a date. He also recommended test with var rather than just the var. Needless to say I am surprised. Good idea or bad idea? not sure what to make of all of this.

jesus christ

[quote]BONEZ217 wrote:
jesus christ[/quote]

I was thinking the same thing.

Alright, I guess its safe to say its a bad idea then haha. Should I assume you guys think the standard nolva pct idea was the way to go as well?

What i suspected cuz i dont think var can really shut you down that bad

[quote]FRANK CASTLE2929 wrote:
What i suspected cuz i dont think var can really shut you down that bad[/quote]

speak coherent english or GTFO