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Var for Athletic Performance?


I’ve been working out for about two and a half years now and am thinking of going on my first cycle. I’m 21years old 188lbs and 5"10.

I haven’t come to this decision lightly and have done alot of background reading on here and other websites along with talking to a few people too before posting this. However I’m still very new to the subject.

I’m thinking I’ll go on an anavar only cycle for just over 7 weeks (tub of 50 tabs). Not 100% sure on dosage but thinking 75mg ed. Many sources say a pct isn’t necessary but I was thinking of just using some off the shelf test-booters?

Now before everyone shits on me for taking var only (as I know people aren’t a fan of it) please hear me out;

  1. I’m a pussie and would probably passout if I tried to pin myself.
  2. From what Ive read var has the least side effects for an aas
  3. I’m an athlete (well trying to be) and want to focus more on strength over size, not wanting to be slowed down by added water weight.
  4. Var seems like it wont be too obvious that I’m on, as even though I’m 21 it would kill my mum to find out.

Please can I have peoples opinion on
The length of cycle
The dosage
PCT needed
The use of var to aid athletic performance

Feel free to tell me I’m wrong on something or give your opinion / previous experience with var as I’m just looking for any advice.

Thanks in advance



Here’s the thing:

Oral only cycles sound great, don’t they? You get a nice “mild” steroid like anavar and swallow some handy little pills - no need for any of those scary needles - which burn a little fat, build a little muscle. It’ll not put 10lbs of muscle on you, but that’s ok. You don’t really want to get hyooge anyway.

Thing is, it just doesn’t work. Honestly, I have no idea why oral only cycles don’t work, but the reality is they just don’t.

While you’re on your strength’ll go up a bit, and you’ll probably keep a bit of the extra strength when you stop. You’ll look better for sure as var hardens you up nicely, and the pumps you get’ll be way better than you’ve ever had.

But that’s about all it’ll do. If you think you’ll come out of that cycle with any extra muscle mass, you’ll be pretty disappointed. It certainly won’t be anything particularly significant.

It’s the same for things like dbol. Some dudes - I have known some in my time - can actually do pretty well on a dbol only cycle but 99% of people just don’t end up with much more than they started with.

If you do decide to use var, then yes, a PCT is absolutely necessary and it has to be a SERM. There’s no two ways about this.

Also, because var doesn’t aromatise (convert to oestrogen), your E can get a bit too low which isn’t very nice. It won’t kill you, but it’s kind of annoying.

So yeah. I wouldn’t bother with anything other than a cycle based on injectables if I were you. Var’s a great steroid, but on its own I think it’ll just disappoint you.


Yogi is right. You will be very disappointed.


I’ve got to disagree with yogi on this one with the summary that “oral only cycles just dont work”.

I’d agree that they may be less than optimal, but i can assure you they do yeild results with varying degrees of success.

My 2nd and third cycle were Winstrol only, and while i would not recommend a Winstrol only cycle if you care at all about physical performance in any category other than short burst cardiovascular, I DID get bigger and leaner. my joints felt like shit, and my numbers were garbage. but I looked better and gained mass.

I regularly use a 6/wk anavar only cycle to cut. It works for me when travelling and i dont have access to clean pins in strange cities, and cant carry vials on a plane. I use 60-80mg a day depending on how accurately its dosed.

you will not get hyooge, obviously. but oral only cycles can meet a demand. Turinbol is also one worth looking into depending on the specific demands of your sport.

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I agree with Yogi… In a nutshell if you want real cycle gainz you gotta pin… That said Var and Test prop go great together for cutting I think and with tht cycle Ive generlly been able to hold my gainz after the ycle very well… For bulking gotta say Dbol & Test cyp or eth go together like peanut butter & jelly