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Var Eq Cycle / Weight Cut Advice

I’m 189cm and 105kg @ 18.5% bf

I do mma twice a week and weights twice a week on the weeks I’m not at work.
(I work away for a week and home for a week)
During work weeks i do hiit or cardio x2 and maybe weights x1 per week.

I was 114kg about 10 weeks ago, my goal is as close to 90 kg as possible or under, or 10% bf.
I also compete in mma.

I’m having trouble getting under 103kg.
My diet isn’t perfect but has been significantly cleaned up, eating mainly lean meat and veggies, soup and fruit and tracking macros.
I fast for 20 hrs once a week, Intermittent fast most days and do a very mild carb load once a week.

I got some test e , eq and var last week.
I’m not sure what dose to run the test e at cause it always makes me a little bloated even when I use aromasin. I’m also worried it will make me put on weight and not lose it.
Id happily run a low dose of eq and 60mg of var without the test, but have read that isn’t favourable.

How long should it take me to reach my weight goal and is there anything I can change or try to get the most out of the cycle and diet / exercise?

I haven’t started the cycle yet

You havent mentioned how many calories your eating.

Youve lost 2 pounds a week for the last 10 weeks, no doubt your metabolism has taken a flogging. If your calories are too low to reduce further you can add more cadio. You may have to reverse diet and eat maintainance for a couple weeks then start reducing calories again. Just take it a bit slower this time.

Drugs arent always the first answer. Plus from what i understand eq makes you pretty hungry which would make life hard for cutting.

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Trying to keep calories at least 500 under maintenance or more, which from memory is 3100, I have it written down at home.
I could reduce further but would struggle to effectively complete a workout as well as recover.

I have been thinking along those lines and have Increased calories the last few days to see.

Yep have ran eq before, it does make you hungry but I love the benefits and results.
Haven’t ran eq var and test together or done a proper cutting cycle before.

You still have a bit of wiggle room there for reducing further. As your body adapts to your cal deficit and you stop losing weight you need to reduce further. A couple hundred at a time will suffice.

Getting lean isnt easy and you will lose size and strength to some degree. Whats your training look like?

If you insist on running something to really lean out, low dose test would be enough. But honestly if i was you i would just lean out without gear and leave it for your next bulking cycle.

Would need to be more then a few days.

Are you looking to cut weight for fight Or just for your own sake?

If it’s to fight, then the training and roadwork generally are all you need. I used to fight muay Thai here in Australia at light heavyweight which is 79.4 kg max, and so my walk around weight was between 86 and 90kg. For the 8-12 weeks of fight prep the increased workload, roadwork, and a last minute water cut always did the trick.

Although 80mg of anavar daily helped. Back then (2003-2009) I never ran oils with anavar and it really shines as a performance drug outside of the weight room. It was perfect on its own for kickboxing as endurance, and striking power were crazy without any unnecessary gains.

If your motivations for weight target are just personal I’ll leave it up to what the other guys say

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To fight and my own sake, im open heavyweight at the moment and would prefer to be at light heavy or even middle weight, see what happens.
Had a fight on Sunday and did better than expected being my first heavy weight but felt so slow. My last fight 5 years ago was at middle at 77kg.
What sort of calories were you consuming during your fight prep?
I can often over eat without realising but more out of fear of feeling fatigued during workouts and training. And previously having trouble gaining weight most of my teenage years, now it’s the other way around.
Il definitely give the var a go by itself in future, might just do a short 8 week cycle with both for now and see how it goes.

I’m happy to sacrifice some strength and size to get a bit leaner, im doing martial arts twice a week cardio twice a week and hit twice a week.
Iv just been to a trainer and got a proper 8 week shred program to follow with sprints and plyometrics.
Which just need to be diligent with my calories.
I just feel a bit more fatigued than usual during workouts from the reduced calories sometimes.
Will do a short 8 week cycle with the var and eq and reassess after that

Oh well congrats on getting back into it, mate. It takes balls and determination beyond what most gymrats let alone normal people can imagine.

What weight is light heavy in your MMA federation? In my time, muay Thai weight classes were the same as most Pro boxing classes so light heavy was 79-79.4kg ( whatever that is in pounds not sure ) MMA is a bit heavier yeah?

Re: caloric consumption… Man our style of training was extremely high volume and endurance based like the authentic Thai style of training so calorie counting was never a part of my equation. If train 12-15 hours a week year round but in proper fight prep my day would start with 10km jog in the morning, and then afternoon sessions were 4km run followed by 3-5 rounds skipping, 3-5 rounds shadow, 3-5 rounds heavy bag, 5-8 rounds hard super intense rounds on the Thai pads Thai pads, then 3-5 rounds sparring followed by 10-15minutes straight nonstop Thai clinch grappling with rotating partners. All up 2.5-3 hour afternoon session.

I know MMA is a lot more power driven with more scientific approach to recovery and dieting. With the Thai style, the workload is so high that’s it’s hard not to stay around 8-10% body fat most of the time, so my weight cuts used to be mainly for water and replenish for an advantage.

The beauty of Var in that system was the striking power and muscle preservation with so much cortisol and general stress buildup.

Also I think the main thing if u run the var with the eq, is to keep at least a low dose of test in the mix too so that the eq doesn’t take over normal functions of test. Dunno if that made sense.

All the best of luck and keep punchin :wink:

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