Var Cycle Suggestion

I’m looking to make an anavar dissolved solution. 50mg per dropper. I’m looking to really burn body fat and be more lean and shredded.

How much should I take daily and for how long can I take it? I’m 6 foot 8 about 250 lbs maybe 23% bf

Not too concerned about getting bigger just burn fat and much more lean.

Anyone have a formula for the suspension too? Thank you everyone

Anabolic steroids build muscle. That’s what “anabolic” mean.
Burning fat is done with caloric deficit and cardio. For your goals you dont need var, it doesn’t do anything to help you with this.

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Bruh, lean out like a regular person first. If you can’t cut natty, you shan’t cut enhanced.


With good genetics Anavar helps to spare muscle in a calorie deficit. The only way it might help burn fat is if you gained some muscle, which would raise your basal metabolic rate.

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0 mg per day for 6-8 weeks. Repeat as necessary during your calorie deficit/fat loss phase.

Save the oxandrolone for the people with visible ab veins who want to trash their trig/hdl-c ratios.

Good luck!

Two examples for you:

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