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Var and Deca?


Hey guys, just wandering what your thoughts are on this Var and Deca stack?

Before you ask I'm staying away from highly androgenic stuff due to hair thining as I don't want to speed up any more loss.

Would anyone recomend this combo? Would the Var counter or increase the deca d that some people speak of?



The Var wont do anything to counteract Deca dick. You'd have to incorporate something along the lines of Test to ward of the dreaded deca dick.

I'm three quarters of the way through a Var only cycle, which I did purely to research its effectiveness in isolation before I incorporate it into a proper stack in the future. The stuff is fantastic, excellent strength gains and muscle hardness. Liver test at my doctors actually showed an improvement in liver function which was completely unexpected (though I must stress that that definitely isn't the norm).

I think you should seriously consider adding Test to the equation and do a proper PCT. Can you give more detail of the cycle and what you hope to gain?


Adding test will only make his problem worse. You might as well just stick to compounds like Var, or you can kiss your hair good bye.


My apologies Prisoner and Vangorilla. I scanned the post a little too quickly and missed the hairloss section. To busy concentrating on you dick Gorilla, dirty boy that I am;-D Definitely stay WAY clear of the Test if you feel that bald isn't beautiful.


my bad...

anavar or nilevar?


Yeah I'm thinking of doing an Anavar only cycle as I have all the mass I need for my sport of choice at the moment. Hardening, strength and recovery is what I'm really interested in at the moment, plus the Deca stays in the system for too long, so I don't think I'll need that.

I did a winny only cycle few years back (50 mg tabs) which I saw incredible results with, but again I noticed splotchy thinning in my hair too which scared me.

I'm probably just being vein here, but I'm not ready to trade being huge for my hair, plus my goal isn't to be that big anyways so Test is something I'll wait a few more years to take.

As far as my cycle goes, as of now I'm thinking of just taking 40-50mgs of Anavar everyday for just under a month. Would you guys recomend tapering? I say just under a month, because I'm only getting 100ct and they're dosed at 10mg.


short cycle using compounds that neither aromatize nor bind well with the AR do not require tapering.


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If you use non aromatizing compounds do you need to worry about htpa after your cycle?


HPTA (Hypothalamus Pituitary Testes Axis for anyone new to the subject of AAS) is not a problem with non-aromotizing steroids like Anavar, though even non-aromatizing AAS can be suppressive to a certain degree.


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Anyhow thanks for all the helpful info guys.



Suppression is caused not only by estrogen/ progesterone levels, but also is effected as I said by how strongly a steroid binds to the AR. That is why trenbolone is much more suppressive then for example anavar.


I've read that Anavar does have quite decent binding to the androgen receptor. But the reason for its mild effects is likely the low dose most people use. Anyone read any research on this?