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On my quest to search for a decent vaporizer, I came across the VaporGenie.


I'm a recreational smoker (weed) but seeing as how I probably won't give it up for a while, I wanted opt for "healthier" options. From my understanding, Vaporizers aren't tough on the lungs and also allows you to get more THC, compared to a bong, blunt, or joint.

Anyways, this thing looks pretty cool. Does anyone here own one or have experience with one?

Other suggestions would be welcomed. Thanks!


My experience is that I considered buying one a long time ago, then I grew up and stopped doing drugs.

I suggest you do this too.


I suggest you go fuck yourself.

If pot was good enough for Carl Sagan, it's good enough for the OP.


The drug use is a blemish on an otherwise impressive life, also, he looks like a goon.

I suggest you lick my dirtiest hole, whilst I make sweet love to your nan.


If it's a blemish in the eyes of close minded people like yourself, I very much doubt he cares.

You either haven't tried drugs at all, or did something stupid like try drugs that are physiologically addicting.

The fact of the matter is, that whichever of the situations I've posited above is true, you have no idea what you're talking about.



No doubt.


I own one and have used it. It actually works, I found how well depended on the user's tolerance. I was an infrequent smoker and thus could get pretty high off even a dime. Some of my friends who smoked a lot didn't notice any effect. However, I've never tried going through a large sack with mine, so maybe it would've been more effective with my more tolerant friends.


You could pretty much replace "doing drugs" with anything enjoyable that doesn't affect anybody else. "Then I grew up and stopped" drinking alcohol, eating dessert, playing video games, having sex without the intent to conceive, watching tv, listening to loud music, eating red meat, etc...

Who the hell are you to dictate what people should and shouldn't do for their own amusement?


I could write a long winded response to your idiotic post BUT I wont.

You my friend are ignorant.



Thanks for sharing. Personally, I don't feel like I have a huge tolerance to it. I have a minibong, probably about a foot and half tall. One bowl will get me feeling pretty good. 2-3 bowls will get me lit.

Have you ever used an electronic vap? If so, how does it compare? The vaporgenie is around 50 bucks versus a traditional one which I think runs around 150.


I've never used an electronic vaporizer so I can't make a comparison. If you get "lit" on 2-3 bowls then I think you will do great with a VaporGenie. Make sure you're hitting good quality weed too. A VG wont be as effective if the weed you're using makes Ludacris feel sorry you're smoking wood.


I don't use MJ anymore but I always wanted to take a big hit from a volcano.


I can get about two bags and I'm fucked.

It's bloody fantastic.


I smoked cannabis for quite some time (2-3 years), then I realized it's a waste of life (IMO) and stopped, simple as.

You can call me ignorant and close minded as much as you like, but I've been there and got the t-shirt. You're in denial as far as I am concerned.

@Ronsauce, I wasn't dictating to anyone, I was merely sharing my opinion, take offense if you want, I care not.


You're full of shit, and you WERE dictating. He never asked you whether he should quit, you butted in and gave an irrelevant opinion.


LOL, truth


Ummmm so since you sat on your ass for 2-3 years of your life doing jack shit but smoke weed, you're quick to assume everyone else who smokes weed is doing the same exact thing and "wasting life"? I feel it's no different than Arabs/people who sit around a hookah enjoying a nice puff. Except some nice kush is way better. lol

You have it twisted if you're blaming 2-3 years of wasted life on weed though, it's all on YOU buddy and you're not going to group responsible smokers with people like you and create a scapegoat for your pretentious ass.


I spent a good 10-12 years lit off my ass... I still accomplished some shit.

But, up until the last few weeks I would have also suggested that someone looking to climb the proverbial ladder stop smoking. Thing is, typically the kids that smoke everyday just can't keep up with the people that don't, or only do occasionally. Well out of teh group of interns we had this year, the obvious stoner was teh best, and was the only one to keep improving through the thick of it.

So when it comes down to it, it really only means fuckitall. Some people are going to be fine smoking, others could probably put the pipe down and be better for it.

If someone is getting their work done, no need to judge.


Out of curiosity, how old are the guys who still smoke? Not to put anyone down here, just curious.


23, I also have a former employer who was near 60 and still hit the green, and like I said - Carl Sagan took the occasional puff and I'd have to say he accomplished something.