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Vanishing icons

All my icons be it on my desktop or folders are vanishing. I have norton’s 2002 and check the computer for a virus only to come up empty handed. Any ideals as of why this is happening?

You do have a virus. It’s called Windows.

Are you running XP? I know there is a “desktop cleanup wizard” on there that runs automatically, perhaps it is the one to blame?

I’m running ME. If it’s a virus Norton’s can’t find it. Any other suggestions?

The Cleanup Wizard is also in ME. It might be what is moving the icons. According to this article, it will move the folders and icons to a special folder:

Ignore what I just said.

ME is the worst edition of Windows ever released. You’d be better off using XP. If you can’t afford that, use 98/2000

It seems that parts of the icons are missing. Almost to the point you can’t recognize them.

My advice is to borrow someone’s 98SE disc and install that. ME blows monkey chunks. Seriously.