Vancouver vacation

Next weekend, the weekend of Oct. 5th, I’m going to Vancouver. I’m arriving Friday night and leaving Sunday afternoon. I’ve never been there before and I’ll have a lot of free time. Any suggestions on what to do?

first of all, check out the city. it is one of the coolest cities i have ever been too. im guessing just walking around downtown will be awesome, and there will be a whole bunch of stuff to do. also, go to the aquarium if you can. they have killer whales, and all sorts of other stuff.

i forgot to mention that i was there in 1997 for a hockey tourney and i was only 14, so i wasnt really in the “going out” scene yet. its just what i remember

It depends on what your into. If I was going again I’d go to the Museum of Anthropology @ UBC to see Raven & The 1st Men and The Spirit of Haida Gwaii, both by Bill Reid. Science World and Canada Place are ok too, but I’ve been there & done that. (science world is probably better more for kids too). see newsite/info/ and and Don Bains Virtual Guidebooks
VancouverLowerMainBC.html (take out the space after BC/ )Also go shopping on Robson Street & Gastown/Chinatown.

Vancouver (BC) is an awesome city. There is
so much to do there, I don’t even know where
to begin. Nice weather; beautiful scenery.
Lots of available beautiful women. Many
asians - if you’re into that. You should
really spend more time figuring out what you
want to do there than just asking on the
T-mag forum. Many americans go there for
weed, prostitutes, and gambling - which are
all readily available there. (I don’t know
much about those, since I’m not interested.)
But there are a lot of other things to do.
Walk around down town. Tons of excellent
resturants; tons of night clubs; outdoor
activities; movies. Low crime (for a major
city). Relatively friendly people. I can’t
give you specific recommendations because
it all depends on exactly where you are going
and exactly what you want to do. Plus, you
don’t have a whole lot of time. If I were
you, since you only have 3 days, I would just
spend the time exploring the city to figure
what you want to do on your next trip
there. :slight_smile: Although it’s best to go in the
summer when it’s a bit warmer - and not

I’ll echo the other’s sentiments, VC,BC kicks ass. You can do anything and everything there, you just have to find it. Go to and start digging. Regarding food and nightlife, just hoof it up and down Robson, the options are virtually unlimited.

Here’s another one

Go to Gastown. Check out the Purple Onion and the Number Five Orange. The Orange is a strip club, the onion is a cool bar/restaurant.

If you go to the big ghetto mall with the arcade(not the mall downtown), there is a place where you can have all you can eat sushi. Ask to sit next to the conveyor belt. They usually let you if you’re nice to them. Plus, it’s cheap, like only 5$ if I remember correctly. And it’s a lot more fresh that the sushi I’m used to. Can’t wait to go boarding up there again. Oh, and don’t drive around town with U.S. plates unless you want to get mean looks from some (not all) people. That’s what happened to us.

Oh yeah, I forgot about that Orange club. That’s supposed to be the best strip club in BC.