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I consume a large load of carbs. everyday and have had good success using r-ala with Chromium to create a more insulin sensitive state!

So, I was reading up on Vanadyl and it to creates a more insulin sensitive state. But it also mentioned it helps restore liver glycogen which left me confused???
Anyways, what’s the consensus here with the t-maggers? what do you guys think about it? and what has been the experiences with it?

Da Boxer

I don’t know about Vanadyl, but I found your use of Chromium interesting. Does Chromium ever make anyone else feel like they’re going into hypoglycemic shock ( real shaky, sweaty , etc)? Happens to me about an hour after dosing.

Puller, how much chromium are you using?

200 mcg ( 1 tablet )

I use zinc with 200 chromium with good GI carbs in large loads and have never experienced this at all. Your symptoms may be secondary to a spike in blood sugar.