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Vanadyl Sulfate

Hey T-men and T-Vixen i was wondering if anyone can tell me what this supplement does. I heard it can improve insulin sensitivity so u dont store fat and build muscle better. Does anyone know if this actually does that and what it really does. your help is appreciated. Thanks!

Vanadyl sulfate transport glucose from the bloodstream across the cell membrane, it also does not require insulin to work. It’s used for glucose disposal. As Dan Duchaine once said ”Money spent on vanadyl sulfate is money well spent.” It’s a very good supplement best used on diets that require severe carbohydrate restriction.

Thanks for the reply bobby. Hmm well i only eat about 100 gram a day or so from carbs is that considered low carb? Any way since vanadyl sulfate does the same type of thing as insulin with glocose, would that make me more insulin sensitive do ya think?

It’s common to notice an immediate short
term benefit, mostly in terms of bigger
muscle pumps, but long term benefits are
about zero and it seems dubious that it
is necessarily safe to take thousands of
times more vanadium than normally occurs
in the diet. This is a supplement that got
a lot of press maybe 7-8 years ago but
was basically a here-today, gone-tomorrow
flash in the pan. I would not use it except
maybe for a week or so prior to some special occasion where I especially wanted a pump.