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Vanadyl Sulfate

Does anyone have some experience with this one? Someone told me supposedly it mimics insulin, and also retains more water and provides better nutrient and glycogen storage… Has anyone used this? And if so, what are the gains like? I hear water retention and I gasp… I got enough as it is…

Vanadyl sulphate increases the rate at which carbohydrate and protein enter muscle cells. This helps to swell each muscle fibre, increasing both muscle size and vascularity. Apparently there’s also evidence to show that vanadyl sulphate diverts sugar away from storage in fat cells, reducing the amount of fat your body stores (?).
Vanadyl sulphate is also used to lower blood sugar levels and control insulin in diabetics,that i know for sure. The best sources of vanadium are mushrooms, shellfish, black pepper, parsley…or just take a tab as i do. Been taking for a week now and yep!Veins are poping (more than usual)I’m also taking Chromium Picolnate (google will help)

Allow me to make a prediction…

In the next few hours the phrase “what the hell are you talking about?.. have you been in a coma for the past 10 years?” is going to be posted a few times.

They still sell that stuff?

After about a month on it; the pumps were awesome; an the vascularity I had achieved was unlike before.
I haven’t used it as of late, but IMO it works.