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Van Helsing

So it came out this weekend… Who saw it and what did you think of it?

I didn’t like it.

The mix of “Dr Jekyl and Mr Hyde”, Werewolves, Vampires, Frankensteins Monster etc etc was a bit too much. I also thought it was quite predictable. Special F/X was good though.

Don’t like anything about Van Helsing.

Utter crap

In it’s defense though I enjoyed learning that
Dracula is actually a circa 1992 Bono, and he has some sort of hybrid Jawa/Sand People working for him!

I wouldn’t say it was a good movie, but it was cool to watch. The story was dumb, but it was full of action. There were a lot of nice effects, some real great looking monsters, and Van Helsing’s hat rocked. Regardless of all else, Kate Beckinsale looked hot, and lots of things got killed. Worth the $10.25

I’ve been hearing it’s utter crap, the usual Hollywood overemphasis on going for the blockbuster, with too-much-computer-graphics, and not enough story or character development.

The trailer just screams out cheezy computer graphics, so I believe it.

Lumpy is absolutely right… it’s the typical big-budget Hollywood pop-culture blockbuster. Lots of “oohs and ahs” but with little actual plot content. Hugh Jackman’s a damn good actor, too – it’s a shame he keeps buying into these retarded cookie-cutter superhero movies.

It sucked. I had gone into it expecting it to be stupid, yet funny for its stupidity and entertaining in its action. The fx’s were good, but the action scene’s were fairly uninteresting and predictable. The story was stupider than I thought, and the story just seemed to drag on and on, dulling any chance to laugh much at its stupidity. I have seen plenty of “dumb” action movies, all of which I prefer to this one both for action and for humor.

I thought it was almost OK. I would have felt better about it if I had rented it instead of paying full price. On the positive side, the women were attractive, the action was plentiful, and the Acting was good (with the exception of Dracula). On the negative side, it was predictable, the bad guy was pathetic (even funny), and the serious scenes were lost in the humor. The movie would have been better if they had made it R rated and darker. In the end it was laughable.

Me Solomon Grundy

Haven’t seen it, but heard it was horrible

its an action movie- plot isnt paramount! I friggin hate when ppl go to action movies looking for plot… they arent about plot, they are about action. Ppl dont go to see Cassablanca looking for fight scenes and explosions, so why do they go to Van Helsing looking for plot???

Still want to see it so I can complain with the cinema manager that I want those two hours of my life back… Kate Beckinsale is a good draw, no ? LOL…

Joe Morgenstern, the WSJ movie critic, completely panned it, so I’m not about to spend $10.50 to find out if I agree with him given I usually do. Maybe sometime I will watch it on HBO…

Cheesy computer graphics are the downfall of all action and fantasy movies. They are used tastefully less than 1/2 of the time. If I can tell it is a graphic it sucks, period. I give credit to “Hell Boy” for actually casting a real guy to play the character.

About a C-, yes the computer graphics were obvious, yes there was too much of them, yes there was too much going on and not enough story to support it, yes it was your standard big-budget summer movie that doesn’t quite make the grade. Basically, they spent 160M but apparently they needed to spend another 40M or so getting the CGI to blend so that the audience wouldn’t be able to see that half the images were fake. Not nearly as good as the Mummy movies which are by the same writer\director.

Some cool ideas but terrible execution.

Watched it last night … I just wasted 2 hours of my life … sad.

… damn this was so bad even Mel Gibsons ‘Passion’ wasn’t as predictable …